Like an ominous feeling creeping up the back of your neck, I can just feel the stale heat of summer creeping in through the end of the spring breezes. And because I’m an absolute wuss about the heat, I’ve got a recipe for a rosy pink fruity iced tea that will chase the sticky heat away.

The teas that I’ve used here are all from T2 because I love the flavours (and I have a collection going), but feel free to mix and match it however you like.

For every litre of water, I used:

6 tsp Turkish Apple
4 tsp Pumping Pomegranate
2 tsp Fruit Blush
Simply steep the teas in a litre of hot water for 1-2 minutes and leave to cool. This will create a slightly concentrated mixture, so be sure to serve it with ice. I also like to serve it with some fresh fruit in the glass, and little pops of pomegranate to echo the tea.

Festive and easy, this refreshing drink is something that I’m going to be serving at the Christmas table. Want to make it more adult? I’ve found that this drink goes particularly well with a splash of vodka.

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  1. Pomegranate tea April 21, 2014 at 11:25 pm

    I haven’t had fresh pomegranates in such a long time. This brings back fond memories and longings.


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