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Supper at Caffe Cherry Beans, Eastwood

I am pleasantly surprised every time I decide to venture out into Eastwood for some late night eats. There are always new cafes popping up on every corner, and many of them have decided to compete for the supper eating community.

Of which I am a very active member.
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Do you Sumo?

Mandarins are one of my favourite fruits to snack on – they’re so sweet and delicate, and much easier to peel than traditional oranges. But they did have a small issue – they’re just so small that it takes so many of them to fill me up!

Well, enter the Sumo Mandarins.
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400 Gradi Cinchetti, Brunswick East

Pizza. It’s as varied in Italy as noodles are in Asia. But the more pizza I eat around Australia, the more it seems that the most common type of pizza served in Australia was of the wood fired, wafer thin crust variety.

So it was uber cool for me to get an education about true Naples style pizza from the owner of 400 Gradi and pizza champion, Johnny Di Francesco.
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Moo Gourmet Burgers, Newtown

It’s been a looong time since I’ve been in Uni, but Newtown to me will always be a symbol of the hobo-chic-hipster lifestyle that I always dreamed of having in Uni. Days spent whiled away at a cafĂ©, reading a book and relaxing by a window…the stereotypical artsy life.

So to relive a little bit of that Uni dream, Sam and I decided to head into Newtown for a relaxed lunch.

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Barbecue Recipe Roundup!!

With barbecue season fast coming round the corner – those winter days will melt away soon!! – I thought it would be a nice way to finish up Barbecue Week with a Barbecue Recipe Roundup. Forget the same ol’ marinades and stodgy potato salads that turn up at every family barbecue, why not try these ideas for some inspiration?
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The Oxford Tavern, Petersham

We love a good barbecue here at Insatiable Munchies, and to continue on the celebration of Barbecue Week, we enjoy all things smokey at The Oxford Tavern!

Because really, with American style meats cooked low and slow, how can you go wrong?

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Barbecue Around the World!

With International Prostate Cancer month just around the corner – September is here already? – the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia is kicking off their BIG AUSSIE BARBIE campaign on August 29th! Now I may be stuck inside a one bedroom apartment with no balcony, but I think it would be great to get some inspiration going by making this week BARBECUE WEEK, where we celebrate everything that’s smoky and slow-cooked to tender deliciousness.

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Satang Thai, Haymarket

With our busy schedules, it’s hard to get the girls together for a girly catchup. So when the schedules of Shan and Alice finally lined up, I was really excited to finally get a girls’ night out!

Well, a very tame womens’ night out anyway.
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Things You Should Do In Singapore

When friends used to ask me about what they should do when visiting Singapore, I would draw a complete blank. After all, growing up in a country doesn’t necessarily enable you to look at it through tourists eyes. To me, eating has always been the only thing worth doing, and I would always make my recommendations accordingly.
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Slake, Singapore

You know you’re getting older when you get together with a girlfriend you haven’t seen in ages, and you find yourself talking about…houses. Weird, isn’t it, when you find yourself suddenly all grown up and not even resisting the idea! Even the setting’s grown up – we ate at a swanky new gastropub in Singapore – Slake.
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