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October 2012


    Now in Surround Sound!


    Photo by grfx_guru

    I’m so excited to announce this new project that we’ve been working on in the Insatiable Munchies kitchen!!!! I present to you the Insatiable Munchies podcast, where every week we – Giles and I – talk about our food adventures and musings.

    It will be available to subscribe to on iTunes soon, but in the meantime, feel free to click on the link below to have a listen! If you’d like to jump to parts, I’ve also got handy links that will allow you to listen to select sections within the podcast.

    This week we search for liquid gold, eat with our hands and are all tied up! We talk about the perfect soft boiled eggs, the best ribs in town, and the japanese art of furoshiki.

    I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to drop me an email/comment with any feedback you might have! =)

    Download the audio file here (6.6MB, 13:15).

    From the Frypan – Liquid Gold (1:12)

    From the Frypan is where we talk about what we’ve got up to in the kitchen. This week it’s all about that eggy perfection – how do you like your eggs?

    Waka Waka – From Adam to Eve (6:28)

    If you are a purely eating foodie, then Waka Waka is the section for you. Inspired by that ever so cute noise that Pac-man makes, this section is all about the sheer ecstasy of gluttony. This week we talk all about ribs and that on the bone experience.

    From the Ice Box – All Tied Up! (9:09)

    We like all things nerdy and cool here at Insatiable Munchies, and From the Ice Box is where we discuss our cute gadgets, funky fresh events and just generally all things fun! This week we’re all tied up with the Japanese art of Furoshiki. Our packed lunches never looked so good.

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