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    7 steps to using your knife like a chef

    7 Steps to chopping like a chef!

    I remember watching food shows as a teenager and being in awe with how swiftly chefs turn a bowl of vegetables into chopped up veg ready to cook. WHILE TALKING TO THE CAMERA AT THE SAME TIME!

    So what’s the secret? Well, I went through cooking school and endless hours of standing at a chopping board (oy, my back!) to tell you how:

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  • How to make dumplings!
    Food Recipe

    How to make dumplings!

    Okay, I know I’m late to the party but CAN YOU BELIEVE LUCIANO AND MARTINO WENT HOME ON MKR????? *heartbroken*. Damn these reality TV shows and their sudden death rounds! They were hilariously loveable,…

  • 11 food pairings you have to try!
    Food Guides

    11 food pairings you have to try!

    Some of the best things in life come in pairs – whether it’s you and your best friend cooking on MKR (well, you’d hope that they’re your best friend XD) or amazing flavours of…

  • How to pack a Bento: Sydney Blog Tea For Tammi
    Food Recipe

    How to Pack a Bento!

    The Japanese know how to do a packed lunch. Bento begins from childhood, where mothers all around Japan make adorable boxes of food for their children to bring as a school lunch. But for…

  • Yakitori Recipe from Tea For Tammi. Sydney Food Blog

    Yakitori Recipe

    Yakitori is one of the simplest dishes in Japanese cuisine, and yet so commonly maligned. Literally translated into “grilled chicken” (yaki=grilled, tori=chicken), these chicken skewers are a favourite of the Japanese especially after a…

  • Stuffed Pancake Recipe. Lazy way to make a cake!
    Food Recipe

    Stuffed Pancake Cake Recipe

    Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and the shops are filled with all sorts of cakes and sweets that you can buy to impress your significant other. Well sometimes a girl can get too…