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January 2012


    Chinese New Year 2012, Belmore Park


    Last year I had a look at the Chinese New Year Festival at Belmore Park, and thought I’d go again this year. Even the intermittent and very grouchy weather couldn’t dampen (haha!) my spirits!

    Somehow, though, the festival this year didn’t have the same bustling atmosphere. Sure, there were a lot of people, but it felt like there weren’t the same number of stores, or that the stores were wayyy more spread out. And there weren’t the same randoms! Where are the bunny people???

    Anyway, entertainers aside, the only interesting stall that I found this year was this one:


    I have no idea what the background really is, but anywhere that I can get a serving of noodles for $4 is well worth a shot! (Mappen still has a special place in my heart)

    For a grand total of $10 combined, Sean got his dumplings…



    …and I got this


    This bowl of 凉粉 (cold noodles) was surprisingly good! It suited the warm, humid weather well, and had a refreshing zing to it. A light addition of chilli oil made it interesting, and the jelly-like slippery noodles made the kid in me giggle. Quite fun to eat.

    For that matter, it was really fascinating to watch them make! The noodles came off this translucent dome


    Some guy with a hand grater carefully grates off a pile of noodles.


    When you order, it gets put into a container with the relevant sauces, and you get a noodle dish!

    I think part of the reason why I like it so much is the novelty of eating it – I must admit that it’s not something that I’d enjoy a massive bowl of.

    Oh and the dumplings? They were ok. Not mind-blowing, but really we didn’t expect it to be. But they were at least better than the random “Dim Sim” *shudders* places that they had there.

    I miss spending Chinese New Year at home!!!!!!

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