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January 2014


    Minion Pancakes!!!

    Pancakes shaped like the minions from Despicable Me

    If you’ve watched Despicable Me – and its sequel – I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that the Minions absolutely stole the show with their adorable antics and costumes. Naturally, children love them too. So in a bid to win my young nephews’ affections – it is, after all, one of their favourite shows – I made them Minion pancakes! And with inspiration from Pinterest, I’ve learnt that there’s only one thing you need to make any cartoon pancake you want.

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  • Hawaii Review Travel

    Alan Wong’s, Hawaii

    If you’re into your fine dining, then Alan Wong’s would be a must-go stop when you visit Hawaii. Alan Wong is one of the top chefs synonymous with Hawaii fine dining, and his clever…

  • Wings, brined in beer and dusted with a spice mix. Perfect for a hot summer's day

    Beer Brined Chicken Wings

    With Australia Day just round the corner, I have been racking my brain trying to create a recipe to serve up to my friends. After all, isn’t Australia Day all about kicking back in…

  • Review

    Sydney Festival 2014, Hyde Park

    The Boss, $8, from Woofy’s Okay, I must admit: I’m not much of a festival goer. I try my best to stay indoors for as much as possible, and the only reason I’d ever…

  • Melbourne Review Travel

    Real A Gastropub, Hawaii

    Gastropubs are not entirely a new beast of eatery, but it definitely ticks all the boxes for being trendy. It’s usually got creative, pub-styled food, and a large selection of gourmet and/or flavoured beers…

  • Review

    Chur Burger, Surry Hills

    I finally popped my Chur Burger cherry!! After being so incredibly tempted by all the instagram photos of people enjoying good burgers, I finally made it down there myself for a bit of that…

  • Recipe

    Pot Stickers (Pork and Cabbage Dumplings)

    There are some recipes that you pick up, some recipes that you create…and some recipes that have been passed down through your family, from generation to generation. These recipes are often the most comforting,…

  • Melbourne Review Travel

    Cafe Di Stasio, St Kilda

    Omelette D’Aragosta (Crayfish Omelette), $33 There are plenty of must-eat places in Melbourne when you ask for recommendations, ranging from the trendy (like Golden Fields), to the established (like Flower Drum). And one such establishment…

  • Review

    Devon Cafe, Surry Hills

    Breakfast with the Sakuma’s Sometimes, your food news feed explodes with a new cafe/restaurant that’s opened up. That’s when eating out becomes a mission, rather than just a meal. My twitter and instagram feed…