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    Feeling Crabby? Singapore Chilli Crab Fried Rice Recipe

    Chilli Crab Fried Rice Recipe

    Chilli Crab Fried Rice Recipe

    I may be a very hardworking *ahem* eater, but I’m actually quite a lazy cook at home. And let me say this:

    There ain’t no shame in using modern conveniences!

    I do love making a lot of things from scratch, but there are just some sauces that take so much time and effort that it’s really worthwhile getting a good packet sauce mix, for the convenience. Sambal belachan, for example, is one of those that’s full of pungent fermented-shrimpness and takes ages, so JUST BUY THE DAMN BOTTLE.

    And Chilli Crab, for me, is one of the other. Sure, make your own when you have the time, but there’s nothing to say that you can’t enjoy a weekend meal on a weekday. You just need a little helping hand. So this Singapore Chilli Crab Fried Rice uses packet Chilli Crab sauce, bottled sambal belachan, frozen vegetables, and a tub of picked crab meat.

    And it’s frickin’ delicious, in 40 minutes or less.

    Chilli Crab Fried Rice Recipe


    Hot Cross Bun Cocktails
    Yields 24
    If you like your hot cross buns, why not try them in cocktail form! These involve a simple spice-infused alcohol, and some fruit juice, and served in a fun hollow chocolate egg. Because chocolate makes everything better!
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    1. For the spiced vodka infusion
    2. 350ml good quality vodka (I used Fair Quinoa Vodka*)
    3. 1 stick cinnamon quill
    4. 1 tsp grated nutmeg
    5. 5 cloves
    6. 1 vanilla bean, scraped**
    7. 2 tsp Sultanas
    8. 2 tsp Dried Cranberries
    9. 4 pieces crystallised ginger
    For the cocktail
    1. 700ml orange juice
    2. 700ml cloudy apple juice
    3. 24 Hollow Chocolate Eggs
    To infuse the vodka
    1. Add all the infusion ingredients with the vodka into a clean jar and shake to mix. Leave for at least 5 days to infuse, shaking up the jar once a day.
    To make the cocktail
    1. Add one part infused vodka (or more if you like a stronger spice flavour), with two parts orange juice and two parts cloudy apple juice.
    2. Shake or stir to combine.
    3. Using a knife warmed in hot water, carefully cut the tops off your hollow eggs, and pour the cocktail into the egg. Do whatever you'd like with the removed tops - I ate all of mine!
    1. *Dan Murphy's very generously provided Fair Quinoa Vodka, which is also the first fair trade vodka to hit Australian stores. I also like it for it's slight nutty notes, and a clean finish. It's important that the spices shine in this cocktail, and a good quality vodka is really the way to go! This vodka is exclusively available in Australia at Dan Murphy's.
    2. **The vanilla pods provide plenty of flavour, so no point wasting the precious seeds that are in them! Scrape them out and save them to use in another recipe.
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