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June 2013


    Ricotta Pancakes with Blueberry Compote and Vanilla Cream

    Recipe for fluffy ricotta pancakes, fresh blueberry compote, and decadent chantilly cream

    Lazy Sunday mornings. Rain pattering softly against the glass of the window. You know what you need for breakfast? Pancakes.

    Pancakes are actually very simple things to make. It can be as involved or as easy as you want. Now, I like a certain texture to my pancakes (fluffy) and there are a couple more steps than just mix wet and dry. But let me assure you, the results are completely worth it.

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    What I ate: Shredded lamb pasta

    So I had a satisfying roasted lamb over the weekend, but seeing as how I roasted a whole 2+kg lamb shoulder, I was bound to have leftovers. Well, waste not want not, and I…

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    Sometimes I look at winter dishes – slow roasts, stews, braises etc – and wonder: is this people’s way of keeping a heat source going as long as possible so the house is warm…

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    Prince Restaurant, Parramatta

    I’ve heard many recommendations to try the Yum Cha at Prince Restaurant in Parramatta, and one Sunday, I decided to walk down there to get my Yum Cha fix. It was extremely busy, and…

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    Marmalade Pantry, Singapore

    I’ve long had a love affair with crustaceans of all types. And carbs, I love carbs too. So when they come together in something called Crabmeat Linguini, I am just about as close to…

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    What I ate: Miso glazed eggplant

    Eggplants seem to be everywhere lately, and I love how a simple glaze can transform the humble eggplant into Nasu Dengaku. The miso glaze is dead easy.Just combine: 1 tbsp mirin2 tbsp shiro miso…

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    Heston’s Mac and Cheese

    Heston Blumenthal is one of my idols. His approach to learning is one of a man dying of thirst. Constantly evolving, constantly improving…and he seems to have an ever expanding capacity for processing and…