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Delicious Ways to Enjoy Turkish Bread + Win Bakers’ Delight Gift Packs!

Baker’s Delight has added a new type of bread to their stable – Turkish Bread. I didn’t know why it took them so long, but given that it’s one of my favourite bread types, I’m just glad that I’ve now got a convenient way to get my turkish bread fix.

So to celebrate the launch of their Mediterranean Range, Baker’s Delight is giving away essential bread tools right here on Insatiable Munchies!!
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Good Food Month 2014: Asia Town, The Star

We all know that the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Month has always been about the food – like the ever popular Night Noodle Markets, for example – but sometimes, in the midst of all the gorging, we forget that it’s also about the chefs!

And they were sure present at Asia Town – a celebration of Asian Street Food, seen through the eyes of amazing Australian chefs.
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Yuzu Peri Peri Chicken

I get inspired by the strangest things, sometimes. This time it comes in a bottled condiment, called Yuzeful, which I found at the condiments table (every restaurant should have a condiments table) at Chanoma Cafe in the city. It tasted like a funky delicious Japanese Tabasco.

And in my kitchen, that means a new recipe!

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Rising Sun Workshop, Newtown

I need to begin this post by saying that this is not a post about ramen. Yes, delicious bowls of noodles and mushrooms and pork are involved, but this is most certainly not about that.

This, is about a team with a philosophy, and what a philosophy it is.
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Mary’s Newtown – Sydney’s Best Burgers and Fried Chicken?

It’s all burgers and fried chicken this week at Insatiable Munchies. Maybe it’s the hot weather. Maybe it’s the tantalising smell of when hot oil meets meat. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s my last hurrah before swimsuit season descends upon us like a good looking man at the beach: great to look at but a lot of effort to attain.

But we try anyway.
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