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Makeup Crush! Mad Max meets Frozen

Makeup Crush: Mad Max meets FrozenSource:

Okay, so I haven’t actually seen Mad Max, even though I’ve seen so many cosplay ideas that really, I might as well have. And I heard there’s not much of a plot anyway, so it’s okay for me to just love the makeup and costumes right?

And my excuse is that I need to start working on Halloween early!
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5 Winter Beauty Favourites: Plum

It’s easy to fall into a rut with makeup. Often, I find something that works, and I just keep going back to the same products over and over again, neglecting my ever-growing box of “makeup I’d like to try”. I usually go with gold and peach – all that warm Asian skin tone – and sometimes, stronger colours like Plum remind me of my goth teenage days, never to be repeated.

I burned all the photos for a reason!

I do, however, love a statement lip, and after trying out a couple of lippies in deep plum, I’m absolutely LOVING this everyday Maleficient look. Because villainesses need a little love too!
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