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November 2012


    Curry Favour


    We take the spicy route through asia, then through to spain, and end up stalking our food. This week we talk about Jackie M’s Malaysian cooking masterclass, Mo Vida in Melbourne, and Truckr – a great way to stalk food trucks.

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    From the Frypan – Sedap! (00:23)

    In From the Frypan, we whip up an authentic and tasty Beef Rendang. I learnt the secrets to malaysian cooking from Jackie M herself, in a Malaysian cooking masterclass.

    Waka Waka – Tale as old as time.. (02:49)

    For Waka Waka this week we have a disappointing experience at Beauty at the Beast, but a marvelous one at Mo Vida in Melbourne! The Seafood pasta at Mo Vida is EPIC! Just sayin’.

    From the Ice Box – Appsolutely Fab! (05:08)

    Technology helps us in so many ways, and this week it helps us hunt down those food trucks!

    What’s your favourite way to get the latest food truck news?

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