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Koloocheh (Persian Walnut and Date Cookies)

My first introduction to Persian food came in the shape of Koloocheh – flaky, buttery cookies stuffed with a sweet walnut and date filling. These cookies were instantly addictive, and my local Persian grocery proceeded to not stock these cookies anymore, pushing me into a Koloocheh-void madness.

So I needed to make my own.
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Grain Salad

I think salads can often be maligned as a boring, bitter, only-eat-if-you-got-no-other-option type of dish. And sometimes, salads are the forgotten cousin, thrown into a menu as a side so that some people can push around salad leaves on their plate to assuage their guilt.

Well, salads don’t have to be sad, and if you’re not a fan of leaves, they don’t have to be leafy either!
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Just Falafel, Central Station

Falafels can often be left as an afterthought. It’s that dish that people serve up when the thought, “oh, I forgot about the vegetarians” comes up.

But falafels are can be delicious morsels in their own right, and when you have an eatery called “Just Falafels”, then I would expect delicious morsels all the way around.
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Brewtown Newtown, Newtown, Sydney

Often in romance we can mistake the idea of love for what love actually is, and I think that in food, we can sometimes love the idea of a dish perhaps a bit more than the dish itself.

Tell me, have you ever tried a Cronut?
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Bay Tinh, Marrickville

Vietnamese food is a whole new playground of food to me – although I’m from Singapore, I’ve always had so much more exposure to Japanese and Thai food that Vietnamese food has always slipped under the radar for me.

But not anymore! A very lovely invite to Bay Tinh gave me just the perfect reason to visit Marrickville, and learn more about Vietnamese cuisine.
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Test Kitchen: Taramasalata

So we all know that I have this habit of buying interesting ingredients before I know what I’m going to do with them – squid ink being one of them – and now I’ve done it again.

I saw a tub of tarama at a Greek supermarket – salted cod roe – and I just couldn’t keep my hands off it.
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Biru Biru, Darlinghurst, Sydney

I was introduced to Japanese food at a very young age. My parents appreciate the finer foods in life, and sashimi and tempura was considered quite the treat when I was little. We would get dressed up and visit a nice Japanese restaurant about once a fortnight, and to the little girl that I was, it was the epitome of family time – the three of us, around the table, sharing everything from tempura to salmon sashimi to beef sukiyaki.

And so began my love affair with Japanese food – so much so that often when things get a bit stressful and the weather is depressing, it’s my go to cuisine of choice.
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Test Kitchen: Squid Ink Bread and Shrimp Po’ Boy

Once in a while, I buy interesting ingredients that catch my eye without having any idea what I’m going to do with them. And this jar of squid ink that I’ve got in my cupboard is just one of them. So rather than doing the usual – squid ink pasta, although making seafood lasagna with black pasta sheets did cross my mind – I thought it might be cool to use the squid ink to make a strikingly black loaf of bread.
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The Mandoo, Eastwood

I think I’ve become one of those Asian people who rove around constantly looking for more Asian food. And you know what? I’m going to own that.

If there was a medical condition, I think I would be known as a dumpling-head. And I’m feeding my addiction with Korean style dumplings at The Mandoo Dining.
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