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September 2014


    Koloocheh (Persian Walnut and Date Cookies)

    Buttery Persian cookies are filled with a walnut and date filling.

    My first introduction to Persian food came in the shape of Koloocheh – flaky, buttery cookies stuffed with a sweet walnut and date filling. These cookies were instantly addictive, and my local Persian grocery proceeded to not stock these cookies anymore, pushing me into a Koloocheh-void madness.

    So I needed to make my own.

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  • A salad of black rice and pearl cous cous, served with a roasted garlic and tahini dressing, greek yoghurt, baby beetroot and smoked almonds. Here, it's served on a blue-rimmed tin plate and laid next to a fork and spoon, on a blue tea towel.

    Grain Salad

    I think salads can often be maligned as a boring, bitter, only-eat-if-you-got-no-other-option type of dish. And sometimes, salads are the forgotten cousin, thrown into a menu as a side so that some people can…

  • Clockwise from top left: American Sandwich, spinach and feta poppers, salsa dip, garlic yoghurt drink, fries and jalapeño cheese poppers in the centre.

    Just Falafel, Central Station

    Falafels can often be left as an afterthought. It’s that dish that people serve up when the thought, “oh, I forgot about the vegetarians” comes up. But falafels are can be delicious morsels in…

  • Marinated chicken hearts are alternately skewered with bacon pieces, then grilled and basted with the marinade.

    Chicken Heart Skewers

    In trying to make a cuban sandwich the other week, I dropped by my local butcher to buy some pork shoulder. While I was there, I noticed that they had chicken hearts on special,…

  • Elvis burger with chips, a cup of coffee, and a pepper grinder on a honeycomb tiled table.

    Brewtown Newtown, Newtown, Sydney

    Often in romance we can mistake the idea of love for what love actually is, and I think that in food, we can sometimes love the idea of a dish perhaps a bit more…

  • Pieces of cooked duck is mixed in with pickled turnip and carrot, and served with a prawn cracker in this entree from Bay Tinh

    Bay Tinh, Marrickville

    Vietnamese food is a whole new playground of food to me – although I’m from Singapore, I’ve always had so much more exposure to Japanese and Thai food that Vietnamese food has always slipped…

  • A tub of bright pink taramasalata, a salted cod roe dip full creamy with garlic and lemon.

    Test Kitchen: Taramasalata

    So we all know that I have this habit of buying interesting ingredients before I know what I’m going to do with them – squid ink being one of them – and now I’ve…

  • Fried chicken, served with fresh lemon and Japanese mayonnaise.

    Biru Biru, Darlinghurst, Sydney

    I was introduced to Japanese food at a very young age. My parents appreciate the finer foods in life, and sashimi and tempura was considered quite the treat when I was little. We would…

  • Korean style kimchi dumplings are steamed and served with a side of soy, pickled radish, and freshly marinated cabbage.

    The Mandoo, Eastwood

    I think I’ve become one of those Asian people who rove around constantly looking for more Asian food. And you know what? I’m going to own that. If there was a medical condition, I…