Falafels can often be left as an afterthought. It’s that dish that people serve up when the thought, “oh, I forgot about the vegetarians” comes up.

But falafels are can be delicious morsels in their own right, and when you have an eatery called “Just Falafels”, then I would expect delicious morsels all the way around.
Falafels are usually a mixture of chickpea, lava beans or lentils that have been crushed, with a binder such as flour to help it keep its shape. Flavouring it added, like spices, and the resulting mixture is shaped and then deep fried. According to Sam, who – coming from Iran – is the Middle Eastern food expert in my house, falafels are meant to have some texture on the outside, but meant to be fall-apart tender on the inside.

At Just Falafel, they not only have patties that they put into burgers ‘sandwiches’, but they also have poppers, that are the falafel mixture filled with a cheese based filling, to create bite sized snacks.

Golden brown spinach and cheese filled falafel poppers spill out of their cardboard obtainer onto a tray.
Spinach and Cheese Poppers
Jalapeño and cheese filled poppers are spilling out of their cardboard container onto a full tray.
Jalapeño and cheese poppers

At Just Falafel, they had two different types of poppers – Spinach and Cheese, and the Jalapeño and Cheese. In the picture on the menu, the Jalapeño poppers has melted cheese that pull in the way mozzarella pulls from a pizza, but unfortunately, that was not the case in real life.

A jalapeño and cheese popper is bitten open, to reveal the filling inside.


Sure, there was some ooze, but not anywhere near as much as I’d wanted. In fact, out of the two, the Spinach had better ooze and more filling.

A Spinach and cheese popper is bitten open to reveal the filling inside.

So the poppers were a bit meh. But what about the full sized meals?

Dill pickles, Mayo, Cocktail Sauce, Lettuce, Tomato, Falafel patty
American “Sandwich”

We got the American Sandwich – dill pickles, mayonnaise, cocktail sauce, lettuce, tomato and falafel patty. I felt like the burger came out like a vegetarian version of a McDonald’s burger, with a patty that’s just about as dry. It doesn’t help that there wasn’t quite enough mayonnaise and cocktail sauce to make the burger moist, meaning that the combination of the patty and the bun just completely dried my mouth out the moment I bit in.

Thick cut fries are spilling out of their cardboard carton onto a tray.

The  chips were average, which is more than I can say for the burger, and this does not bode well for Just Falafel.

A bottle of garlic yoghurt drink, placed slightly in front of a glass bottle of lemon flavoured soft drink.

The highlight of the night for me was actually finding this garlic yoghurt drink. Savoury yoghurt drinks are quite common in the middle east, and I just absolutely love savoury drinks.

But besides that, there wasn’t anything particularly outstanding about the service to make up for the lacklustre food. And at those prices, located in such a proximity to Chinatown – where you can get better food for a better price, giving you better value for money.

For me, unfortunately, Just Falafel, was just a waste of calories.

Just Falafel
Central Station
2 Lee Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

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