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    Momo Brasserie, Sydney CBD

    Momo Brasserie Review. Sydney Food Blog Review

    Momo's Wagyu Brioche, $20, Momo Brasserie: Sydney Food Blog ReviewMomo’s Wagyu Brioche

    I’m not the kind of girl that needs her coffee in the morning to operate. In fact, I’m not the kind of girl to operate in the morning at all.

    But that’s besides the point.

    Cappuccino, Momo Brasserie: Sydney Food Blog ReviewCappuccino

    Unlike so many sleep-deprived 20-somethings out there, the caffeine in coffee doesn’t actually have an effect on me, so I’m extra picky about how my coffee tastes. Di Bella Coffee blends and roasts their own coffee out of Queensland. From what I’ve tried at Momo Brasserie, it’s actually a pretty good cuppa. It was aromatic without being burnt and bitter, and unlike many of the coffee places I’ve been to, this didn’t require the cloak of milk and sugar to mask badly handled beans. Very slightly acidic and fruity, with lots of body without a burned aftertaste.

    The food was a bit hit and miss for me. The Wagyu Brioche (pictured above), $20, was dry and somewhat uninspiring – not the two words you’d wanna hear in the same sentence as “wagyu” and “brioche”. It was saved entirely by the chips on the plate, though, with just the right amount of crispy to fluffy ratio, and a salty bite that keeps you going back for more.

    The New York Pastrami, $19.50, makes all the WHO cancer warnings worthwhile. I love me some cancer meat. A heaping mountain of house-made pastrami lay atop toasted rye with pickles and mustard, and a refreshing slaw and cut through the brininess of the meat. A serving large enough for two, but only eaten by one.

    Momo's New York Pastrami, $19.50, Momo Brasserie: Sydney Food Blog ReviewMomo’s New York Pastrami, $19.50

    It’s mine, ALL MINE Y’HEAR?!

    So good coffee, and okay food. But what about the service? Well, the service was incredibly attentive – I pre-ordered because Sam was on a ticking lunch break, and they paid attention to when he arrived and made the coffee and food accordingly. Very meticulous, and very seamless. Definitely somewhere to go on a lunch break time pump, if only for the coffee and the service, just maybe avoid the burger and get anything with that house made pastrami in it.

    Mmmmm. Delicious cancer meat.

    Insatiable Munchies dined as guests of Di Bella Coffee.
    Momo Brasserie
    65 Elizabeth St
    Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
    Phone: +61 2 9233 8838

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