Sydney Food Blog Review of Korn Thai, Crows Nest

Korn Thai, Crows Nest

It seems like I’ve eaten more Thai food since I’ve come to Australia than I ever did growing up in Singapore. Everything from the “imitation” Thai that has barely any resemblance to the real thing, to the truly enjoyable experiences that is as close…

En Toriciya, Crows Nest. Sydney Food Blog Review
Best in Sydney Review

En Toriciya, Crows Nest

I’ve always had a healthy respect for Japanese chefs and their craft – there’s something about the quiet reverence that they have for each ingredient, and all their techniques are based around elegantly bringing out unique flavours and textures that naturally occurs in the…

The Max Joy Co., Eastwood. Sydney Food Blog Review
Best in Sydney Review

The Max Joy Co., Eastwood

*This is going to be a super quick post because I’ve now been here so many times that I don’t actually know what I’ve ordered anymore*. The Max Joy Co. is a relatively new addition to the bustling Asian restaurants of Eastwood, is bring…

Manoosh Pizzeria, Enmore. Sydney Food Blog Review

Manoosh Pizzeria, Enmore

What IS pizza, anyway? I mean, the term historically belongs to the Italians, who have made it more a philosophy involving woodfired flatbread, sweet tomatoes, and sun drenched afternoons with wine. But in more modern times, the term has been somewhat bastardised (like Jon…

Ho Jiak, Strathfield. Sydney Food Blog Review

Ho Jiak, Strathfield

There are just some times when a simple “yum” isn’t enough to describe just how awesome the food is, which is why in Singapore and Malaysia, we have another phrase: “Ho Jiak” translates to “Good Eats”, and it’s usually applied to situations where the…

BangBang Cafe, Surry Hills. Sydney Food Blog Review

My baby shot me down: BangBang Cafe, Surry Hills

Slap me between two buns and call me a patty – it really does seem like Sydney’s burger craze isn’t going to blow over any time soon. From The cult favourite Burgers by Josh, to the down and dirrrty Mister Gee’s Burger Truck, to…

7 Steps to chopping like a chef!
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7 steps to using your knife like a chef

I remember watching food shows as a teenager and being in awe with how swiftly chefs turn a bowl of vegetables into chopped up veg ready to cook. WHILE TALKING TO THE CAMERA AT THE SAME TIME! So what’s the secret? Well, I went…

Sydney Food Blog Review of Bondi Pizza, Macquarie

Bondi Pizza, Macquarie

It doesn’t take an Italian to know good pizza. Case study 1: the pizza expert in my life is Simon, who just so happens to be Korean. And with all his experiments in dough fermentation and the best tomato sauce base, you can bet…

Spice I am, Darlinghurst. Sydney Food Blog Review

Spice I Am, Darlinghurst

Maybe it’s conditioning from the days from being a cash-strapped Uni student, but I’ve always associated Thai food with $6.50 express lunches in Newtown, surrounded by other flip-flop wearing people, inhaling hugemongous plates of wok fried noodles and rice before hurrying on their way.…