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Olive Oil Brunch


Sorry for taking so long!! I feel like my poor blog has been neglected because of other things, but never fear, I’m back and hungrier than ever!

Which is why when I got invited to this Olive Oil Brunch (in my head it’s a feast) by Simon who had passed on the invitation from Fouad, I was uber excited. I’ve always loved the celebration of the harvest, and this definitely did not disappoint!

The brunch was held at Efendy, located in Balmain.


The olive oil was served in various ways:




Baba Ghanouj

And all the dips were served with Turkish bread


Seriously, the food was DELICIOUS. Maybe it was because I was really hungry, but I actually think it was just because there was an abundance of deliciousness going around.

The olive oil is from Fouad‘s father’s land, and is organic, hand-picked and cold pressed. The olive oil is quite mild and light, and it made me feel healthy just eating it. I had envisioned women wrapped in finely woven scarves dancing to a primal beat, luring you into the symphony of gorgeous flavours. This oil, for me, is a great carrier of flavours, and seemed to complement and augment the flavours of everything that I ate it with.

As the brunch was winding down, a gorgeous crate of ripe figs came out to play.


I decided to try the figs with the olive oil, and MAN WAS IT TASTY!


The oil carried the sweetness of the figs so well, and gave me a certain kind of creaminess that added luxury to the fresh fruitiness of the figs.

It makes me want to try all my fruit with olive oil.

Many thanks to Simon and Fouad for the invite and the event!! I so need the recipe for that Baba Ghanouj…