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July 2014


    Two Sticks, Sydney CBD

    Tender white rice noodles sit in a rich creamy broth, mixed with some greens and bean sprouts. A chopstick gently lifts a mouthful out of the soup.

    Many Chinese dishes have stories behind them. Maybe it’s cause we know that food tastes richer with a legend or two, or maybe the lack of modern entertainment gave us cause to make things up. Either way, I love these tales that accompany my meal – it turns a simple lunch from a functional action, into a dining experience.

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  • a little hand reaching for a cookie from a pile on the plate.

    Chewy Cookies in a Food Processor

    I love cooking with kids, but with no kids of my own, I only ever get the opportunity when I visit my cousin in Melbourne. These kids are a ravenous pair, and I’m such…

  • Lentil patty with a red sauce sits on fresh rocket leaves with shredded red cabbage and chips on the side.

    Lentil as Anything

    I think I’m a hippie at heart. There are a great many ideals I am in support of, and bringing together a community through food is definitely one of them. Which is why I…

  • Rice, flavoured with capsicum, chilli and tomato, is cooked in a deep pan till it's fragrant and tender.

    Jollof Rice

    I was researching party recipes lately, and I’ve come to learn that African dishes differ greatly. I guess I should have know, being an Asian and all, but it didn’t really click. Maybe it’s…

  • A basket of shanghai xiao long bao from Taste of Shanghai

    Taste of Shanghai, Eastwood

    Xiao Long Bao, to me, is a peasant dish that is extremely delicate. Many components make up these juicy mouthfuls: a thin, translucent skin that still holds up well enough for you to pick…

  • Marinated and pan fried hoki fillets sit on seasoned cows cows and topped with chopped coriander.

    My Chermoula Fish

    This particular marinade came from a hodge podge of influences. I had picked up a basic chermoula recipe from a chef I had worked with – coriander, garlic, paprika – and started adding my…

  • Ultimate toast from Devon Cafe. Mixed mushrooms on thick cut sourdough toast, with melted cheese and grated truffles. Paired with two sunny side up eggs.

    Devon Cafe, Surry Hills

    Thank goodness for girlfriends. I was super excited when my friend Yina said that she was visiting me from Singapore – we’ve known each other since we were 13, been through all the awkward…