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June 2014


    Eat Now

    The Eat Now app, as shown on various mobile screens

    You can say all you want about our hunter-gatherer-forager instincts, but the truth of the matter is that as the day gets shorter, and the nights get colder, we just sometimes want to curl up on the couch under the covers and have our food brought to us, Cleopatra-style.

    And that’s where our phones get whipped out, and apps like EatNow come in.

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  • Free form pie with a creamy ham and leek filling spilling out from the middle

    Leftover Pie

    Leftovers. Both a blessing and a curse, they can be the most convenient thing in your fridge, or that tub of mystery meat that you don’t want to throw out but you’re absolutely tired…

  • Shandong Chicken from Hong Kong Recipe, Eastwood

    Hong Kong Recipe, Eastwood

    Eastwood really seems to be buzzing these days. Eateries and shops are popping up like daisies in spring, and I – for one – am NOT complaining. So today it’s off to Hong Kong…

  • Man soup: made with ham hock meat, root vegetables, chicken and lemon

    Man Soup

    I think that it’s entirely appropriate that my first bowl of  Man Soup was made by a man. I had a bad case of the cold, and was holed up under the covers feeling…

  • Deep fried crickets, dusted with native NSW spices.

    Stanley Street Merchants

    I’ve been called – some would say accused of being – a hippie. No no, I thoroughly enjoy my creature comforts and only venture outdoors in limited amounts, but I do believe in eating…

  • Recipe

    Mini Scotch Eggs

    I think I have food ADD. I love food, but I crave the variety. Maybe it’s from growing up in an Asian culture – once you have dinners that involve a smorgasbord of different…

  • Review

    Chica Linda, Surry Hills

    After months of being tempted by countless Instagram photos of mouthwatering foods coming out of the kitchens at Drink and Dine’s (the same people who brought you The Oxford Tavern, the House of Crabs…