There are meals, and then there are meals. And just like the hobbits had second breakfast, I think there’s plenty of room for more meals in the day.

Which is why, after a somewhat unsatisfying dinner the other night, we stopped by an old favourite for a drive-by meal: Doughbox diner in Enmore.

The Order:

One Meatlovers ($13), and one Peanut Bliss ($12), with extra whipped cream.

The Taste:

The crépes are always light and crispy, and rolling it into a cone ensures a food filling to crépe ratio with every bite. Made with a special technique (that you’re not allowed to film!), these crepes are hearty and full, and extremely satisfying. Yes, the individual filling ingredient, and the combinations of which may not be the most unique, but it’s a hearty meal with no effort!

The Service:

Because it’s still a relatively small space and often filled with people, you can be waiting a little bit for your crépe. Otherwise, the service is efficient and polite, and we’ve never experienced any sort of order mixup or omission. Since we’ve first started going to Doughbox Diner, the owners have hired more help, but rest assured that the service ball hasn’t been dropped at all.

The Convenience:

The diner is about a 10 minute stroll from Newtown station, so it’s really more convenient if you live in the area. Fantastic for late night eating, the cones also facilitate eating on the run, and I’ve never had any issue with drips. The only thing standing in the way of total convenience is the occasional line and waiting time when they’re busy.

The Value for Money:

Peanut Bliss ($12), with extra whipped cream
Peanut Bliss ($12), with extra whipped cream

The cones are a decent size and filled generously. I’ve only ever been able to do one cone at a time, and at $10-$15, they’re a pretty good meal for your dollar. Mind you, they’re no discount Thai takeaway that Newtown is known for, but the quality and attention put into the crépes are worth the money.

Otherwise, this has always been a fantastic place to hang out with friends. It can get a tiny bit trying when you have a massive group, but nothing’s to stop you from grabbing a crépe on the run and enjoying it on your way back to the station. Every time I’ve been there, my crépes have been made by Fiona, who is one of the owners, and this makes sure that you get a great meal, every single time.

Doughbox Diner
02 9565 1995
137 Enmore Road
Enmore, NSW 02042
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  1. milkteaxx June 17, 2014 at 3:31 pm

    so much whipped cream *heart attack*


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