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    The battle of the Korean Fried…Incredible Chicken, Eastwood

    Review of Incredible Chicken, Eastwood

    Review of Incredible Fried Chicken, Eastwood: Original Fried Chicken, Half Order

    Remember how I said that pretty much all my conversations begin with food? Well, one day, Christine, Simon and I were talking about Korean Fried Chicken, and wondering about how we could have it for breakfast.

    Because fried chicken should be an ‘anytime’ food.

    And given that I live in the land of Korean Fried Chicken (read: Eastwood), I simply don’t understand why no one will sell me a plate of glorious crispy poultry before 11am. Don’t they recognise a clear gap in the market?

    Review of Incredible Fried Chicken, Eastwood: Original Fried Chicken, Half OrderOriginal Fried Chicken, Half Order

    Anyhoo. The self-proclaimed Incredible Chicken (seriously, it’s on the sign), has opened in Eastwood, and is a sister restaurant to the famous Red Pepper in Strathfield, and Sparrows Mill in the CBD; home to the Snow Cheese Chicken, that make fried chicken aficionados squeal in delight.

    The Original Fried Chicken is consistent with the performance of Strathfield and CBD, hitting home runs with a crispy coating and tender meat. Not quite as juicy as the brined chicken of the Deep South, but hey, you can’t be perfect at everything.

    Review of Incredible Fried Chicken, Eastwood: Spicy Braised Beef Short Ribs with NoodlesSpicy Braised Beef Short Ribs

    And if fried chicken is not quite your thing (shame! SHAME!), I really liked the Spicy Braised Beef Short Ribs too. There was something utterly addictive of the cloyingly sweet soy-based sauce that clung to every strand of chewy potato noodle. Packed full of beefy goodness, the ribs were tender and fall off the bone, making me a very happy diner indeed.

    The one thing that isn’t consistent, though? The service. At Eastwood, it was warm and friendly (thankfully), and at Strathfield, polite and professional. CBD wishes you hadn’t stepped in, and is grumpy when you want actual service from them. It really makes you prioritise what you want from a restaurant, but if it’s all the same to you, I’ll be sticking to the Eastwood branch, thankyouverymuch.

    Now, if I could only convince them to open for breakfast…

    This meal was independently paid for.
    Incredible Chicken
    120 Rowe St
    Eastwood, NSW 2122

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