A table full of goodies from Kurtosh house

Ever get that feeling that you want some cake, but you don’t need a whole piece of it? That you only need a tiny taste and you’d be satisfied, but your hands are tied by portion sizes?

What if, you could buy cakes just by weight, in how small or large a piece you want it?

Kurtosh House is named after a particular kind of Hungarian sweet bread, where a dough is wrapped around what looks like a rolling pin, coated in sugar laced with cinnamon, and then baked to a glossy crisp on the outside and a fluffy bready texture on the inside.

Cup of coffee

They also sell a variety of cakes by weight, meaning that you can literally get a mouthful of cake for afternoon tea if that’s all you really feel like.

Cakes sold by weight

And you know what? The cakes are actually quite lovely. They were moist and fudgy – I got myself a peanut butter and chocolate…something. I stopped listening after peanut butter and chocolate – and it suited the lazy ambience of the cafe perfectly.

Cakes free to sample

Cakes free to sample

If you, like me, are constantly hounded by analysis paralysis – what to choose? WHAT TO CHOOSE??? – then you might also enjoy the free samples that they have out on offer. But really, you might as well get some cake and coffee, and put your feet up.

The Kurtosh itself wasn’t the most amazing of sweets, and quite large for a single person to boot, but the cakes more than made up for it.

Lazy afternoon, anyone?

This meal was independently paid for.
Kurtosh House
316 Victoria St
Darlinghurst, NSW 2010
Phone: 02 9356 2436
Website: http://kurtosh.com.au/
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs, 7am-10pm, Fri, 7am-11pm, Sat, 8am-11pm, Sun, 8am-10pm

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