You know those days when you just have to grab food on the run? Where you’re walking while you’re eating, trying not to spill random bits of a sandwich down your shirt? Those are the days that I call Drive-by eating, where the ol’ grab-and-run is the order of the day. I find that Vietnamese pork rolls are one of the best options for this: it’s compact, flavourful, filling, and served in a paper bag that catches all the errant sandwich fall-outs. Which is why I always find myself at my local bakery, en route to my weekly grocery shop.

The store front of Lim's Hot Bread

The Order: Pork Roll. With chilli, added sauce and added carrots. On white bread.

The Taste: The bread was fluffy and light, with just enough crust to hold everything together, but not enough to make your mouth hurt when you eat it. The chilli, unfortunately, was of the sliced green variety and wasn’t as hot as it should be, and the paté has a slightly discernible oily feel that coats your mouth briefly. Otherwise, the pickles are as they should be, and the cold cuts are of your stock standard pork roll variety.

The Service: Depends on who you get. There is a middle-aged lady who is super fast, and very accommodating with your order. She gets it right the first time, and even goes out of her way to offer you things like an extra bag if your hands are full. The older lady there is a touch slower, and doesn’t really respond when you give your order, other than a slight nod. But hey, my order hasn’t ever been wrong, so not much to complain about there.

The Convenience: If you’re in a rush during peak meal times, you can get caught in a queue. But they’re generally pretty quick, and their proximity to the train station means you can really grab lunch on the run.

The Value for Money: At $4.50, it’s pretty much the standard cost of a pork roll, and if you look at it as a meal, then it’s pretty cheap. They are also quite generous with the meat – I’ve known places to barely give you any meat and just fill it up with salad – so I’d say it’s worth dropping by to grab a quick lunch.

Otherwise, the pork rolls have been consistent, which makes it reliable – a must-have quality for any drive-by eatery. The breads are good too – I’ve used them in my Panini Con Polpette recipe, and they have been delicious, every time. Don’t forget to check out a bit of handwritten humour if you do drop by, these signs are very entertaining, especially if you’re in a bit of a queue.

Lim’s Hot Bread
02 9874 5366
10 Progress Ave Eastwood
NSW 2122

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  1. Macky Blaise June 5, 2014 at 4:27 am

    I remember the chika burger that I have eaten few days ago as I read your article.. Nice I love to visit this place soon.


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