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This week we take a culinary tour moving from Spain, to Japan and end up in the lab, talking about all things geeky. We chat about a tapas inspired dinner, the new Japanese self-serve joint Hana Hana, and air fryers. We also ask the question: Why does orange juice taste so crap after you brush your teeth?

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From the Frypan – Hola! (1:33)

From the Frypan is where we talk about what we’ve got up to in the kitchen. This week it’s a fiery discussion about a tapas inspired dinner.

Waka Waka – A name so nice you gotta say it twice! (9:46)

This one’s for all the gluttons! This week we review Japanese noodle bar Hana Hana, which translates to “Flower Flower”.

From the Ice Box – Look Jack, I’m flying! (12:59)

We like the geeky and the crazy, especially when we talk about food. This week we talk about the air frying. If you combine the two words, does that make it flying? We also discuss why liquid nitrogen ice cream is amazing!

And don’t forget the Trivia of the Week. Why does orange juice taste bad after you brush your teeth?

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