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    Taste of Shanghai, Eastwood

    A basket of shanghai xiao long bao from Taste of Shanghai

    Xiao Long Bao, to me, is a peasant dish that is extremely delicate. Many components make up these juicy mouthfuls: a thin, translucent skin that still holds up well enough for you to pick them up with chopsticks, a pork filling that is seasoned but not overly so, to let the natural flavour of the pork shine through, and the tiny cubes of gelatinised stock and pork fat that melt when the dumplings are steamed, to create a piping hot soup that flows when that skin is pricked.

    So when a restaurant not only serves xiao long bao at their restaurant, but has it as one of their featured dishes, it makes you wonder about the execution of the rest of their menu.

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  • Ultimate toast from Devon Cafe. Mixed mushrooms on thick cut sourdough toast, with melted cheese and grated truffles. Paired with two sunny side up eggs.

    Devon Cafe, Surry Hills

    Thank goodness for girlfriends. I was super excited when my friend Yina said that she was visiting me from Singapore – we’ve known each other since we were 13, been through all the awkward…

  • Pakistani style chicken biryani from Faheem's Fast Food

    Refugee Week Meetup Food Crawl

    Every year, the Refugee Council of Australia organises Refugee Week, a period where awareness is spread about the journey of refugees, and when we celebrate their positive contributions. This year, Refugee Week falls between…

  • Shandong Chicken from Hong Kong Recipe, Eastwood

    Hong Kong Recipe, Eastwood

    Eastwood really seems to be buzzing these days. Eateries and shops are popping up like daisies in spring, and I – for one – am NOT complaining. So today it’s off to Hong Kong…

  • Deep fried crickets, dusted with native NSW spices.

    Stanley Street Merchants

    I’ve been called – some would say accused of being – a hippie. No no, I thoroughly enjoy my creature comforts and only venture outdoors in limited amounts, but I do believe in eating…

  • Review

    Chica Linda, Surry Hills

    After months of being tempted by countless Instagram photos of mouthwatering foods coming out of the kitchens at Drink and Dine’s (the same people who brought you The Oxford Tavern, the House of Crabs…

  • Review

    Beak and Sons Butcher Style Sausages

    Sausages have been underestimated, I think. Relegated to Sunday sausage sizzles, and often served up smothered with ketchup, the humble sausage is often associated with “kid food” and “mystery meat”. But really, not all…