Jamie Oliver's Summer Food Rave up

We review Jamie Oliver’s Summer Food Rave Up

This week, we are getting saucy in the kitchen, werk our fro’, and ride that heat wave. We learn all about mayonnaise, try some froyo in Yoghurtworld and watch Jamie’s Summer Food Rave Up.

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From the Frypan – Does my mayo feel fat to you? (00:23)

It’s all about emulsions and we learn about mayo. I make mine with whole eggs. It can take more oil than you think!

Waka Waka – It’s all about my fro’ (04:00)

Froyo, that is. We take our inner child to explore Yoghurtland in Sydney.

From the Ice Box – Summer of lurrve (and food and music) (06:58)

We experience a summer of love, Jamie Oliver style! We watch Jamie Oliver’s Summer Food Rave Up.

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  1. lateraleating.com March 16, 2013 at 10:34 pm

    I make mayo with olive oil and macadamia oil, both taste amazing. I agree with the comment on sushi, you should be able to eat the whole piece in one mouthful!


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