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    Barbecue Recipe Roundup!!

    Wings, brined in beer and dusted with a spice mix. Perfect for a hot summer's day

    With barbecue season fast coming round the corner – those winter days will melt away soon!! – I thought it would be a nice way to finish up Barbecue Week with a Barbecue Recipe Roundup. Forget the same ol’ marinades and stodgy potato salads that turn up at every family barbecue, why not try these ideas for some inspiration?

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  • Photo by Rachel Kramer
    Round Up

    Winter Warmers Round Up!

    We are now in the second half of winter, which means it’s last chances to have the oven and slow cooker running at the same time, without worrying that you are going to get…

  • Marinated and pan fried hoki fillets sit on seasoned cows cows and topped with chopped coriander.

    My Chermoula Fish

    This particular marinade came from a hodge podge of influences. I had picked up a basic chermoula recipe from a chef I had worked with – coriander, garlic, paprika – and started adding my…

  • Man soup: made with ham hock meat, root vegetables, chicken and lemon

    Man Soup

    I think that it’s entirely appropriate that my first bowl of ┬áMan Soup was made by a man. I had a bad case of the cold, and was holed up under the covers feeling…

  • Recipe

    Mini Scotch Eggs

    I think I have food ADD. I love food, but I crave the variety. Maybe it’s from growing up in an Asian culture – once you have dinners that involve a smorgasbord of different…

  • Persian noodle soup topped with yoghurt and fried onion and mint.

    Ash E Reshteh (Persian Noodle Soup)

    Winter is the season for noodle soups, and I don’t discriminate! From chicken noodle soups, to one-pot man soups, and everything in-between, noodle soups are the perfect all-in-one dish to soothe a cold and…

  • Recipe

    Kari Makanan Laut (Seafood Curry)

    In the words of Game of Thrones, winter is comingggggg. And with the cold weather, comes the perfect occasion for stews and curries. And that, my friends, speaks to my comfort-carb-lovin’-self. So what better…

  • Recipe

    Huevos Rancheros

    Only one more week to go to Mothers’ Day!!!! Any celebration for women seem to involve breakfasts in bed – I know my dad and I have tried on and off over the years…