Baker’s Delight has added a new type of bread to their stable – Turkish Bread. I didn’t know why it took them so long, but given that it’s one of my favourite bread types, I’m just glad that I’ve now got a convenient way to get my turkish bread fix.

So to celebrate the launch of their Mediterranean Range, Baker’s Delight is giving away essential bread tools right here on Insatiable Munchies!!

To win, simply hop over to my Instagram or Facebook page, ‘like’ or ‘follow’ me, and tell me what your favourite way to enjoy Turkish Bread is! To get you started, here are my top ways to get more Turkish bread in your life:



I know it seems like a really straightforward thing, but I really do think that Turkish bread makes for a great sandwich bread. Sturdier than regular sandwich bread, but none of that dome top business of burger buns that throw off your bread to filling ratio. AND a nice flat top that allows you to have maximum surface area contact with your sandwich press, and large holes for cheese to melt into! Love it.

Turkish Bread Bruschetta

Turkish Bread BruschettaSource: Lifestyle Food

Have you ever had your mouth hurt from a bruschetta that has been set on so crusty a piece of bread that it’s hard to bite off? Well, Turkish bread is fantastic for bruschetta, because it’s sturdy enough to hold the up the filling, but it’s not so crusty that it hurts to eat!


A middle eastern version of eggs and baked beans, shakshuka features a tomato-based capsicum and bean stew, served with an egg baked right into it.

Shakshuka is like a Middle Eastern baked bean, but spiced with ingredients like capsicum, paprika and turmeric. Served with an egg baked right into the bowl, this popular brunch dish is just begging to have bread dipped into it. And in following the Middle Eastern theme, only Turkish Bread will do! Find the recipe here!


Turkish Bread PizzaSource: Taste

Homemade pizzas are awesome, but we don’t always have the time to make, rest, knead, prove, knead, rest, and shape our pizza doughs! So rather than get frozen pizza bases – some of which can taste a bit, uh, like cardboard – why not use a halved piece of turkish bread! Sturdy enough to take toppings, and flat enough for you to layer them on.

Garlic Bread

Turkish Bread Garlic BreadSource: Tea for Six

I always have the same mouth-hurting issue with eating garlic bread as I do with bruschetta, or maybe it’s just a thing with me and crusty bread. But never mind, Turkish bread to the rescue! These flat breads allow you to have more surface area with which to spread your herbed garlic butter, allowing you more flavour bang for your bread buck. Gotta love that ratio.


Mezze Plate from SofraSource: Emelie Hardman

Breadsticks? Bah. They’re too narrow and don’t hold nearly enough dip to satisfy the dip to breadstick ratio. Turkish bread has a great chew to it, and is still neutral enough to help you enjoy the flavour of the dips! Bonus points that you can use the bread to hold other things from the cold platter as well, like delicious cured meats.

Hope that provided enough inspiration! You’ll get to win one of three Bakers’ Delight bread board, bread knife, and a $10 voucher gift pack: all you have to do is hop over to my Instagram or Facebook page, ‘like’ or ‘follow’ me, and tell me what your favourite way to enjoy Turkish Bread is! The competition will end at 5pm, on the 7th of November, so don’t forget to enter!


  1. Lucy @ Bake Play Smile November 2, 2014 at 7:34 am

    Oh Tammi this is so funny that you’ve done a post on this because we discovered the Baker’s Delight Turkish Bread earlier this year and it’s the best!! We love buying the rolls and toasting them on the weekends – they really are the best! Love your recipes – my fave lazy Sunday night dinner is definitely baked eggs. xx

  2. Kaori April 1, 2017 at 10:30 am

    Thank you recently I really like these breads that I found out that they’re not too crunchy as you say when toasted. I wanted to know more of how to eat them, and I found you!
    The middle eastern beans sounds sooo good 😀 😀 😀


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