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Fish En Papillote Recipe with Persian Flavours!

Fish En Papillote with Persian Flavours

So I’m getting caught up on MKR, and can I say that Jessica just drives me UP THE WALL. I think I’ve heard the word ‘healthy’ being used like, 10,000 times in 40 min, and her condescending tone just makes everything so painful to watch.

I haven’t even gotten up to her cooking yet, but I’ve heard so much about how she served up “Spaghetti in a bag”. Sounds awful, right? Well it’s all about marketing, people! I mean, if you called it “Fish En Papillote”, it sounds more fancy and french, right?

*Edit* So apparently Spaghetti in a Bag came from Lauren and Carmine, but why do I keep hearing it connected to Jessica’s name?! WHAT IS GOING ON WORLD?! *End of edit*

Well this is a super simple, foolproof way to cook dinner, and the best part is, if you’re having a dinner party, there’s not a billion pots and pans to coordinate. Just sit back with a glass of wine, and enjoy your time with your friends!

[yumprint-recipe id=’26’]

Oh and feel free to switch it up any way you like! Mix a little sesame oil with kochujang and sugar for a Korean take, or maybe miso butter and ponzu for a Japanese parcel. The moral of the story is, this is a super easy, versatile way to serve up a meal, and dare I say it, it’s ‘healthy’ too. XD.

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