It’s been a looong time since I’ve been in Uni, but Newtown to me will always be a symbol of the hobo-chic-hipster lifestyle that I always dreamed of having in Uni. Days spent whiled away at a café, reading a book and relaxing by a window…the stereotypical artsy life.

So to relive a little bit of that Uni dream, Sam and I decided to head into Newtown for a relaxed lunch.

Well, it really was meant to be brunch, but in the manner of the lazy weekend, we didn’t get our asses out of bed till lunchtime, so…we are allowed to eat two meals worth of food right?

We started out towards Brewtown Newtown, but when we were faced with a minimum 30 minute wait for a table, we decided to head down the road for burgers instead.

Moo Gourmet Burger’s menu is filled with stacked burgers, ballsy milkshakes and hulking sides. Rather than having a burger each, we decided to order one of each thing to share between two people.

Because two people can finish a single meal. Right?

100% Australian Angus Pure Natural Beef, thick cut mozzarella, free range egg,tomato, mixed leaf lettuce, home-made mayonnaise & tomato relish

The Black and White Burger, $15.50, came out fast and hot – not Macca’s fast, but fast for food with heart – and stayed steaming hot even on a cool winter’s morning. The burger was so huge that it was hard to get a bit of everything in one bite, but I really like the ratio of all the ingredients. Too often, there’s too much bread and patty, and not enough of everything else. The only thing I felt like I was missing was a bit of tang – usually provided by something of the pickled nature – and maybe a hit of sauce. But otherwise, it was a hulking, juicy burger that was balanced with sophistication.

Basket of chunky home-style chips topped with melted Egmont cheese and free range bacon pieces
Cheese and Bacon Chips, $9.50

The Cheese and Bacon Chips, $9.50, came in a massive paper cone. Chunks of salty bacon were threaded through thick, golden chips, with cheese melted through it. Yes, you heard me right. Through the chips. In fact, they were so generous with the chips that when we unwrapped the cone onto the plate, it remained a cone of cheese, chips and bacon. In that order.

Kit Kat, peanut butter, chocolate syrup & whipped cream

And the milkshake. While they had options for the classic milkshake flavours – chocolate, vanilla, strawberry – I love that they bothered to create their own with of willy-wonka-esque blends that is sure to push any functioning adult into a sugar-induced coma. Our MooKat, $7.95, was a decadent blend of peanut butter, KitKat, chocolate and ice cream, and topped with whipped cream. It was thick and punchy, and I loved the blend of the malt and the gutsy peanut butter.

The service was efficient and clear – we were greeted the moment we came in and were given clear instructions on how everything worked (you ordered at the counter and they brought the food out) – without being too fussy, and the food, while not the cheapest around, was still value for money. We absolutely rolled away from lunch, stuffed and satisfied, and it was a great way to start our lazy day.

Moo Gourmet Burgers
02 9565 4001
232 King Street Newtown, NSW 2042

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