I am pleasantly surprised every time I decide to venture out into Eastwood for some late night eats. There are always new cafes popping up on every corner, and many of them have decided to compete for the supper eating community.

Of which I am a very active member.

When I went to Caffe Cherry Beans for brunch previously, I was singularly unimpressed by the lacklustre service and overpriced brunch options. I’ve often given it a pass since, but decided to go back because they, very conveniently for me, close at 11 on a Wednesday night.

I first chose to order the Shaved sherbet, but was informed that it was a seasonal item and wasn’t available.

We were not off to a good start.

Garlic and Cheese Honey Toast
Garlic and Cheese Honey Toast, $8

In the end, we were recommended the Garlic and Cheese Honey Toast, $8, as ‘something new and interesting’. I’ve had regular honey toast before – a thick slab of toast (more a small loaf, really) has cuts made into it, and then soaked in a warm honey syrup and topped with fresh fruit and cream. This one was a sweet/savoury version. Instead of fresh fruit and cream, it’s topped with melted cheese, garlic cream, and chopped nuts and crumbled feta. I absolutely love the combination – it definitely made for much more interesting eating than the regular honey toast – and it was the perfect amount to share between two people for supper.

Kopi Luwak
Kopi Luwak, $12

We also decided to try the Kopi Luwak, $12. Kopi Luwak refers to an Indonesian coffee that has been ingested by the Asian palm civet. They then poop the beans out, and the beans are cleaned, roasted, then ground for coffee. Here, the ground coffee is placed in a filter over a glass pot, and 85C water is poured over it, allowing the natural weight of the water to regulate the extraction. This process is repeated a few times till the optimum amount of coffee is brewed (about three goes for this particular amount), and then you’re off to enjoy your coffee! The resulting brew was very aromatic, and on first sip I tasted very bright, acidic, almost fruity notes. Upon cooling, the coffee mellowed out, and I was left with a delicate drink, with no notes of bitterness at all.

The service this time around was also very informative, and much warmer and more helpful than the last time. I’m not sure whether it’s simply a difference between daytime and nighttime staff, but my new experience has restored my faith in this local late night hangout.

Caffe Cherry Beans
02 9804 0896
Eastside Shopping Centre
Shop 201 62-80 Rowe St
Sydney, NSW 2122

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