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  • Sydney Food Blog Review of Granny's Noodles, Burwood

    Granny’s Noodle, Burwood 

    It was past dinner time, and I was HANGRY. (Enough to justify all caps, as Sam can attest to.) We had just finished watching Point Break, I was feeling physically inadequate, and my belly…

  • Sydney Food Blog Re view of Miyama, Sydney CBD

    Miyama, Sydney CBD

    I think the 28th of December might have just been the worst day of my life. In a dramatic, inconsequential way, of course. It all started with a trek out to Ultimo for burgers.…

  • Sydney Food Blog review of Doughnut Time, Sydney
    Best in Sydney Review

    Doughnut Time, Sydney 

    I remember my first visit to Australia: I had just discovered Krispy Kreme, and I was determined to try every flavour they had in the store. The result? An extra 10kgs in 10 days.…

  • Sydney Food Blog Review of Jonga Jip, Eastwood
    Best in Sydney Review

    Jonga Jip, Eastwood

    When I first heard of Jonga Jip, it was introduced to me as “that place where they wear the orange shirts”. Well, the uniform seemed to have changed since, but the sheer number of…

  • Hawker Lane, Chatswood: Sydney Food Blog Review

    Hawker Lane, Chatswood 

    I don’t know if you spend much time in Chatswood, but it feels like Westfield has been in construction for the longest time. Well, it’s finally ready, and what used to be a set…

  • Sydney Food Blog Review of Chur Burger, Domestic Airport

    Fly me to the moon: Domestic Airport, Sydney

    Airports are usually associated with sterile out-of-the-way buildings filled with surly security people whose sole purpose is to remind you why you need to get away and have a holiday. And airport food? Overpriced…

  • Sydney Food Blog Review of Love Dem Apples, Surry Hills

    Love Dem Apples, Surry Hills

    This candy apple business is just so new to me. I never ever had a toffee apple, and I wouldn’t know where to start! I mean, are all toffee apples created equal? Where in…

  • Sydney Food Blog Review of COOH, Alexandria

    COOH, Alexandria

    When you say “brunch” and “Alexandria” in the same sentence, you’d probably start thinking about The Grounds of Alexandria and their farmyard pets. But with that, you’d probably also start seeing the bustling crowds…

  • Sydney Food Blog Restaurant Review of Mama's Buoi, Crows Nest

    Mama’s Buoi, Crows Nest 

    Sense of humour is a very subjective thing. Some people like intellectual jokes, some people like low brow toilet humour…and some people, like Mama’s Buoi, are like me: I love a good pun. With…

  • Sydney Food Blog Review of Chat Thai, Haymarket

    Chat Thai, Haymarket

    Ever had that feeling after a meal when you know what you ate, but you don’t know know. Don’t know the name of the dish, don’t know the price, and don’t know how to…