One Tea Grill Express

Ramen Burger, One Tea Grill Express: Sydney Food Blog ReviewRamen Burger

Since my last experience with One Tea Lounge’s owner David, I’ve always liked the team and where they are going with the modern/fusion Japanese direction. They’ve brought their signature burgers to Hawker Lane – baoger, ramen burger, etc, and they were just pumping it out for a queue that never waned. It DID take about 20 minutes to get the food when I went, but they were seriously under the pump. I even got stopped by a lovely older lady, who had stalked me around the food court in order to find out where I got the burgers from.

Despite the long queues, David tells me that it was a quiet day for them. If that’s the case, I’m not looking forward to what busy means, because I was elbow to elbow with people and children who don’t necessarily understand what personal space entails.

Ahhh, feels like Asia.

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