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  • Sydney Food Blog Review of The Vic on the Park, Marrickville

    The Vic on the Park, Marrickville

    I never knew Marrickville was such a foodie’s paradise. From smokey meats and amazing Yeeros, to endless rows of Vietnamese restaurants, Marrickville is my new go-to suburb when I’m feeling like trying something new.…

  • Sydney Food Blog Review of Din Tai Fung, Chatswood

    Din Tai Fung, Chatswood

    Hello Chatswood, how you doin’? I swear, I turn my back for one second, and Chatswood suddenly becomes a massive foodie hub, with specialty gelato, dessert cafes, Michelin Star restaurant, and Chinese hotpot, just…

  • Sydney Food Blog Restaurant Review of La Puerta, Neutral Bay

    La Puerta, Neutral Bay

    Tell me something: when you walk into a restaurant, are you looking for something “authentic”? What’s does it mean, anyway? Can Steak and Chips at the pub be considered “authentic” to any cuisine? Those…

  • Sydney Food Blog Review of Harry's, Bondi.

    Instagram Eats: Harry’s, Bondi

    “Where shall we go to eat?” Such a small question, such huge responsibility. After all, what’s the criteria for picking a place where you exchange your hard-earned money for sustenance, and hopefully an experience…

  • Sydney Food Blog Review of Manpuku, Chatswood

    Manpuku, Chatswood

    Not owning a car sucks. You know why it sucks? It sucks because when you see restaurants in say, Kingsford, that you want to visit, you have to either take a bus or not…

  • Sydney Food Blog Review of Miss Peaches, Newtown

    Miss Peaches, Newtown 

    Head Chef turnover is really tricky business. They are in charge of making sure that the menu is executed properly, and equally importantly that the restaurant makes money. It IS a business after all.…

  • Sydney Food Blog Review of Coco Cubano, Ryde

    Loco for…Coco Cubano, Ryde

    When I first saw Coco Cubano, all I knew was that you could order a Cuban cigar with your hot chocolate. I don’t smoke, and the hot chocolate was okay, but not great, so…