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Inspired by the hot hot summer days that we’ve been experiencing, I decided to make some frozen yoghurt! That, and I’ve got some leftover Lime Jelly Crystals from Aeroplane Jelly that I used in my Australia Day post!

By the time I remembered to take a photo, the tub of yoghurt was all gone, so I guess you have to make do with a picture of this really cute baby eating yoghurt!!

This is a really versatile, basic recipe, and great to make to have on hand.

Paw Paw and Lime Frozen Yoghurt

300g Thick Natural Yoghurt
1 tsp honey
1 medium, ripe Paw Paw (Papaya)
1 packet Lime Jelly Crystals
1 cup hot water

Dissolve the jelly crystals in hot water and leave to cool to room temperature. Meanwhile, cut the paw paw up and place in the freezer to cool. When the jelly has cooled to a slurry texture, place honey, yoghurt, paw paw and jelly in a food processor and blend.

Place in a shallow container, cover with cling wrap and freeze overnight.


And that’s it!! A tub of creamy, frozen goodness in your freezer, and a healthy option to ice cream! Also, don’t forget to enter the competition to win a selection of jelly for you to make your very own edible works of art! All you have to do is write up a blog post on your favourite recipe using jelly and leave a link in the comments here. Work fast, cause contest ends 1st March!! =)

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  1. lateraleating February 7, 2011 at 9:56 pm

    Sounds great for one of these crazy hot days!


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