Inspired by Bakerella’s cake pops (and by Halloween that’s coming up), I decided that I would try to make Lady Gaga’s Disco Stick. As you can see, it’s not quite a success, but the idea is there!! Also, rather than silver sprinkles I need to get white crystals. Does anyone know where I can get that? It’ll be really cool if you could tell me please! Thank you!

Cake Pop Recipe:

1 packet vanilla cake mix (you can make your own cake, but this was easier)
Frosting (recipe below)
White chocolate

Bake the vanilla cake mix according to packet instructions. After the cake has cooled, crumble the cake into a mixing bowl.

Add just enough frosting to make the cake resemble wet sand. Just keep mixing through with your hands. The mixture should clump, but not be wet enough to stick to your fingers.

Make whatever shape you’d like. Pop that onto a cookie tray, and then put it into the fridge for a couple of hours to firm up. Alternatively, you can pop it into the freezer for about 15 minutes.

Dip the ends of whatever stick you’re using into melted chocolate, then push the stick into the cake pop, not going more than halfway through. Then lift the cake pop and dip the cake into the melted chocolate, making sure that the cake ball is entirely covered, and that it just touches the stick.

Put the stick into a block of Styrofoam and leave to harden. If you’d like, pop some sprinkles on before the chocolate hardens completely.

Frosting recipe (tweaked from this website)

250g vegetable shortening
About 4 cups icing sugar
100g thickened cream
Pinch of salt

Beat the shortening, 2 cups of the icing sugar, salt and vanilla together. Shortening is really hard, so you might want to nuke it for a bit first. Don’t be afraid of it melting a little though, it still works out.

Then add the cream and continue beating. It will thicken. Then beat in more icing sugar till you have your desired consistency. I only used another cup and a half, max.

Also, you might want to do the frosting by hand to save washin up on the machinery. It’s easier to do than buttercream frosting. 🙂


It’s not hard, and definitely worth a shot. Sean actually ate the whole lot – that’s how more-ish they are! =)

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  1. Cate October 26, 2010 at 2:44 am

    mmm I see a little bit of procrastinating about studying here somewhere?? Very cute!!


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