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Cinderella ahoy! Sweet Pumpkin Soup, Eastwood

The Big Breakfast from Sweet Pumpkin Soup in Eastwood comes with baked beans, mushrooms, bacon, eggs, wilted spinach, grilled tomato half and thick slices of white toast.

In my household, brunch on a weekend is often nothing more than a nice idea that other people do. See, all the fancy pants brunch places are located inside the city, and otherwise, the cheapskate inside me insists that I can whip up the usual breakfast fare in my own kitchen.

And really, I don’t want to have to hop on a train first thing in the morning on a day off just to get some food.

A mug of cappuccino is topped with thick frothy milk and a dusting of cocoa powder.Cappucino

But Sweet Pumpkin Soup opened up just down the road, and besides the usual breakfast fare, they served up cheesy garlic bread first thing in the morning.

Cheese. On garlic bread. FOR BREAKFAST. Me likey.

Iced Chocolate from this cafe is served in a tall glass, topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cocoa powderIced Chocolate

So off we went. Drinks first, of course, because some people can’t eat till they’ve had their Cappucino. Fair enough. Just gives me an excuse to get an Iced Chocolate! They were nice and rice, though not outstanding. But it was a good start.

The Big Breakfast from Sweet Pumpkin Soup in Eastwood comes with baked beans, mushrooms, bacon, eggs, wilted spinach, grilled tomato half and thick slices of white toast.Big Breakfast

And for the interest of comparing apples with apples and bacon with bacon, we did also order the Big Breakfast. I was actually pleasantly surprised by this plate – the serving was actually enough for the two of us to share (we’re not big on breakfasts usually) and the food was cooked well. The toast was my favourite bit – no sad slices of supermarket white bread here, they toasted sweet white Asian milk bread, and that soft fluffy interior of the thick slices made all the difference.

Pumpkin soup is served with a thick dollop of cream, and an aromatic basket of fluffy garlic breadPumpkin Soup

Of course, we couldn’t not order the Pumpkin Soup at a place called Sweet Pumpkin Soup, right? So I indulged my Cinderella fantasies and got a bowl, which was really half a bowl…cause the bowl was very tall.


You know what I mean.

It was rich and thick, and was actually quite satisfying and creamy. Especially with the Cheesy Garlic Bread.

Garlic bread is topped with melted cheese and served in a pretty white basket.Cheesy Garlic Bread

Yes, as promised, the cheesy garlic bread. And it actually lived up to my lofty expectations. Again, the sweet Asian milk bread was used, and it gave me the distinct impression of eating a cloud. A buttery, savoury, makes-garlic-breath-worthwhile cloud. And the cheese gave me a fantastic soft foil for the lightly crisp crust that gave way to my determined attempts to get it all in my belly before The Boy noticed it was even on the table. 

Not quite successful, but I guess I can share. 

It was a lovely morning out, and considering that we were both a bit grizzly first thing in the morning, I think the staff managed us very well. Now for more of that garlic bread…

This meal was independently paid for.

Sweet Pumpkin Soup
106 Rowe St
Eastwood, NSW 2122
Phone: 0433 301 173

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Stark Raving…Mad Fo’ Chicks, Eastwood


I’m glad I live in a world where Korean Fried Chicken joints pop up like daisies in the summer. It means variety, choice, and a horizon filled with battered and fried juicy morsels.

And it saddens me when I see what I thought was a busy restaurant all boarded up and closed.
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You pho, Me Pho!

There’s been major changes down Eastwood’s Rowe St recently – shops vacate and restaurants move in (Bao Dao and Tounoya, to name a few), which can only mean good things for a glutton like me.

And it seems that just because a restaurant is popular doesn’t mean it’ll stay: Pho Gia Hoi was always pumping, but seems to have been replaced by Me Pho, a small, quiet Vietnamese restaurant, serving up more varieties than your average pho menu.
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Poong Nab Dong, Eastwood

Sydney Food Blog Review of Poong Nab Dong, Eastwood

Ever heard of the phrase, “it’s too hot to eat?” I know, I know. Sacrilege. But still. Sydney’s had those days lately, and it’s been a real bitch. That’s why when Simon suggested Poong Nab Dong for their naengmyeon (Korean Cold Noodles), I leaped at the chance.

It’s like a salad, but with carbs. What’s not to love?

The Order:

Mul Naengmyeon, $13

Bibim Naengmyeon, $13

The Food:

There are two primary ways to have your noodles – dry, with a spicy chilli paste, or with a cold, refreshing beef soup laced with mustard and vinegar.

Bibim Naeng Myron, $13: Poong Nab Dong, Eastwood. Sydney Food Blog ReviewBibim Naeng Myron, $13

I always opt for the chilli option because I just can’t help myself (I am Singaporean, after all), and when given an opportunity, I always go the extra spicy (see above explanation). Here, the Bibim Naengmyeon was a little bit on the sweet side and slightly one-dimensional in its flavours, even after I asked for an extra plate of chilli paste to zhuzh things up a bit.

Mul Naeng Myeon, $13: Poong Nab Dong, Eastwood. Sydney Food Blog ReviewMul Naeng Myeon, $13

The Mul Naengmyeon fared much better, with a flavourful broth that stayed light and refreshing. It’s served with mustard and white vinegar on the side, for you to mix it up to your taste. Now that, was a noodle I can keep going back to.

The Service:

The service at Poong Nan Dong was a bit…non-existent. There was much waving and signalling in an empty restaurant, and even then I could swear that they were deliberately ignoring us. Not that they went out of their way to be rude, but being invisible never sits well with hungry foodies.

Oh and we did think that it might have been a push button on the table for service, too, like Jonga Jip.

Nope. No button.

Value for money:

$13 per person is pretty good value in Eastwood – especially in a sit-down restaurant situation – and even more so considering that we were given about 5 plates of banchan (Korean side dishes) to go with our meal. Banchan is usually refilled for free, which means that if you’re really still hungry after the huge bowl of noodles (I was stuffed), you can keep eating till your heart’s content.

Good value when compared to other non-side-dish restaurants, but average when compared to other Korean restaurants, where banchan is the expected deal.

The Vibe:

I’ve never seen Poong Nab Dong busy except for Friday and Saturday nights, and even at the peak of lunchtime (when we went) it still only had a smattering of people. There was a sense of eat-and-get-out about the place, and certainly nothing much there to keep you from leaving. Perhaps their Korean barbecue fares better than their a la carte times – but it’s going to be very difficult to get me leaving my usual Jonga Jip.

And finally,

With both a hit and a miss in the same meal, I’m not sure that I’m going to be going back to Poong Nab Dong. Mind you, the miss wasn’t a disaster, but coupled with non-existent service and no emotional attachment, the better-than-average Mul Naengmyeon isn’t enough inspiration to get me back through the doors.

Except for when I want to order that specifically, of course.

Oh, and one more thing: please don’t wear shorts or short skirts to visit this restaurant. Pleather seats plus a hot day has now given me the association of sticking painfully to the chairs. Not something I would like to repeat, #thankyouverymuch.

This meal was independently paid for.
Poong Nab Dong
205 Rowe St
Eastwood NSW 2122
Phone: +61 2 9858 2877

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Bao Dao Taiwanese Kitchen, Eastwood

I remember taking a week-long tour trip around Taiwan with my parents as a teenager. To be honest, all I wanted to do was watch entertainment programmes on TV – you ain’t seen manufactured boybands till you’ve seen Asian boy bands in all their metrosexual glory.

But that single-minded tunnel vision that only teenagers have made me miss out on Taiwanese food, and I’ve been chasing it ever since.
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The Mandoo, Eastwood

I think I’ve become one of those Asian people who rove around constantly looking for more Asian food. And you know what? I’m going to own that.

If there was a medical condition, I think I would be known as a dumpling-head. And I’m feeding my addiction with Korean style dumplings at The Mandoo Dining.
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The Honest Kitchen, Eastwood

Eastwood is known to be quite an Asian neighbourhood, which is why I was quite surprised to find that a little Italian eatery had opened up in the basement of the Aldi building. Italian? In Eastwood? Now this, I’ve gotta see.
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Supper at Caffe Cherry Beans, Eastwood

I am pleasantly surprised every time I decide to venture out into Eastwood for some late night eats. There are always new cafes popping up on every corner, and many of them have decided to compete for the supper eating community.

Of which I am a very active member.
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