I’m glad I live in a world where Korean Fried Chicken joints pop up like daisies in the summer. It means variety, choice, and a horizon filled with battered and fried juicy morsels.

And it saddens me when I see what I thought was a busy restaurant all boarded up and closed.

Thank goodness this wasn’t one of those “I thought it was doing well but not well enough” moments. Mad fo’ Chicks in Eastwood was indeed doing a roaring trade, but decided to take a little bit of time out to undergo a facelift, and comeback with the two words that make my heart race more than shopping sales.

New menu.

Terriyaki Chicken Cup RiceTerriyaki Chicken Cup Rice, $6.50

And part of this new menu seems to be a dedication to provide options for food on the go. The Cup Rice and Bento series, for example, offers up a few options on rice, so that the single diner can have more complete meal options than just a cup of fried chicken. I quite like what they did with the Terriyaki Chicken Cup Rice – fried chicken pieces are covered in a Terriyaki sauce and served on rice with a fresh salad. Simple, tasty, and quick. And at $6.50, a decent option for lunch on the go.

Spring Onion Fried ChickenSpring Onion Korean Fried Chicken, $16 for a half order

The Spring Onion Chicken – which first came into my awareness at the famed Red Pepper in Strathfield – is another addition to the menu. It officially lists the whole chicken at $32, which is more than I’m willing to commit to for a meal for two, but you can request a half portion at the counter. And guess what? They also do the half portions in BONELESS CHICKEN THIGH MEAT PIECES!! No more struggling with the damn bone and tendons, and much better delicious crunchy batter to meat ratio.

And it’s all about the ratio.

The sweet soy/wasabi sauce though, wasn’t quite as wasabi as the others I’ve had, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I guess most people who are not gluttons for punishment might prefer it, but I quite miss the kick-in-the-pants wasabi that I’ve come to expect and love

Fried Calamari RingsFried Calamari Rings, $9.50

Unfortunately not everything on the new menu is such a huge success. We ordered the Fried Calamari Rings because, well, it’s a bit odd to see them at a KFC a joint. And for good reason. It was almost a placating nod toward variety, without adding any actual value to anything. My meal would have been so much more satisfying without it, and it really put a damper on the afternoon.

Otherwise, the service was quick and polite, and it’s definitely going on the list for feasible lunch options!

Mad Fo’ Chicks
18 Railway Pd
Eastwood, NSW 2122
Phone: 02 8040 1891

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