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Drive By Eating: Le Bistro Dorine, Eastwood

Never in my life have I been surrounded with so many cafés, so many options, so many shops fighting to put a warm caffeinated beverage in my hands and send me off to work. In the mere 10 minutes walk to the Eastwood train station, I can think of over 5 cafés, each located within meters of each other, competing for my attention. Cherry Beans Cafe, Pishon Cafe and Sweet Pumpkin Soup Cafe are three that immediately come to mind. Some, intoxicating you with the awakening aroma of their coffee, while the rest repel you with the smell of burned coffee and their lack of appreciation for these magical beans.

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Taste of Shanghai, Eastwood

Xiao Long Bao, to me, is a peasant dish that is extremely delicate. Many components make up these juicy mouthfuls: a thin, translucent skin that still holds up well enough for you to pick them up with chopsticks, a pork filling that is seasoned but not overly so, to let the natural flavour of the pork shine through, and the tiny cubes of gelatinised stock and pork fat that melt when the dumplings are steamed, to create a piping hot soup that flows when that skin is pricked.

So when a restaurant not only serves xiao long bao at their restaurant, but has it as one of their featured dishes, it makes you wonder about the execution of the rest of their menu.

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Hong Kong Recipe, Eastwood

Eastwood really seems to be buzzing these days. Eateries and shops are popping up like daisies in spring, and I – for one – am NOT complaining.

So today it’s off to Hong Kong Recipe, located underneath Aldi, for a quick dinner.

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Drive-by Eating: The Mandoo, Eastwood

Dumplings and noodles – two of the foods that we can never get enough of in my house. To me, they are deeply comforting, and have the ability to take away all the tension from the day.

So when you open a dumpling and noodle shop right outside Aldi (my usual hangout), it’s like the heavens have opened and smiled down upon me, enabling me to get my noodle fix, anytime.

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Drive-by Eating: Lim’s Hot Bread, Eastwood

You know those days when you just have to grab food on the run? Where you’re walking while you’re eating, trying not to spill random bits of a sandwich down your shirt? Those are the days that I call Drive-by eating, where the ol’ grab-and-run is the order of the day. I find that Vietnamese pork rolls are one of the best options for this: it’s compact, flavourful, filling, and served in a paper bag that catches all the errant sandwich fall-outs. Which is why I always find myself at my local bakery, en route to my weekly grocery shop.

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