As someone with curly, coarse, combination hair – yes, you read it right: oily on the scalp and dry at the root – I get very particular about my choice of haircare products. It not only has to work on very difficult hair, but also needs to be at the right price point – I’ve to use quite a bit of product for the amount of hair that I have, which means all the money that I could be spending on food might literally get washed down the drain. Literally.

So how does an organic shampoo with wheat protein work on difficult hair? Is it any better than the drugstore brands?

Appelles is an Australian company producing haircare, skincare, and home products using certified organic Australian essential oils. I’m not quite sure what organic certification gives to the product, but it sure smells nice! To test the shampoo properly, I decided to swap out just the shampoo in my hair wash routine, and test the conditioner on its own later. On the first go, it doesn’t seem to lather up as well, which means that I need an extra large amount of shampoo to get around all sides of my scalp.

Or maybe I’ve just got a big head.

Either way, it does stay true to its word and remove any product buildup, which is nice, but it also means that my hair rinsed out drier than usual, and slightly more frizzy, meaning that I kinda need to put more product back in to restore the moisture and shine.

I received the Appelles Apothecary Wheat Protein Shampoo, Planifolia conditioner, Rosemary and Lemon Myrtle Body Bar, Comfry Hand and Body Wash and Vitamin B5 Skin Lotion as part of a gift bag at the launch of the Good Food and Wine Show, 2013. I will be putting this shampoo, together with the other products through a 7-day stress test and report back with my findings! Have you tried any other Appelles products? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments down below!


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