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Sample of the Week: Appelles Apothecary Wheat Protein Shampoo

As someone with curly, coarse, combination hair – yes, you read it right: oily on the scalp and dry at the root – I get very particular about my choice of haircare products. It not only has to work on very difficult hair, but also needs to be at the right price point – I’ve to use quite a bit of product for the amount of hair that I have, which means all the money that I could be spending on food might literally get washed down the drain. Literally.

So how does an organic shampoo with wheat protein work on difficult hair? Is it any better than the drugstore brands?
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Stanley Street Merchants

I’ve been called – some would say accused of being – a hippie. No no, I thoroughly enjoy my creature comforts and only venture outdoors in limited amounts, but I do believe in eating seasonally, and locally wherever possible. After all, it’s not just the philosophy¬†of it all, but I do find that the deliciousness of your produce greatly increases when you follow those few guidelines.

So when I heard that Stanley Street Merchants was going to open, I just had to make a booking.

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