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Makeup Crush! Mad Max meets Frozen

Makeup Crush: Mad Max meets FrozenSource:

Okay, so I haven’t actually seen Mad Max, even though I’ve seen so many cosplay ideas that really, I might as well have. And I heard there’s not much of a plot anyway, so it’s okay for me to just love the makeup and costumes right?

And my excuse is that I need to start working on Halloween early!
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Laser Hair Removal: First treatment

Picture source: Flickr

So somewhere along the way, the hairless look became sexy, but the talk about hair removal became awkward. Like a dirty little secret. I remember totally being awkward as a teenager when my mum even tried to suggest separating my monobrow, and those conversations haven’t gotten any easier since.

In the meantime, I’ve gone from shaving, to tweezing, to waxing, and now, I’ve finally decided to make the jump: into the deep, dark world of laser hair removal.

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Easy eye makeup for monolids

Monolids may seem like a very common Asian eye shape, but the truth is, there aren’t nearly enough makeup tutorials out there for single-lidded sistas like us! And before the days of Google, I had to bumble my way through eye makeup by looking at magazine tutorials for blue eyed beauties, and trying to tweak it for my own eyes.

Well, I’ve settled into a quick and easy method for my everyday makeup look, and I’m ready to share my secrets! Easy eye makeup for monolids is just round the corner. =)

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How to apply fake eyelashes in 5 Easy Steps

When I was a teenager, I’ve hated my eyes. Well, hate is a strong word, but I’ve always looked at women in magazines and wished that I had those wide, deep set eyes with mesmerising pupils framed by luscious lashes. I’ve since made my peace, but not before thoroughly exploring the world of fake eyelashes.

And I’m happy to announce that falsies are not just for drag queens and women with a penchant for drama. No, they are a permanent part of my beauty arsenal, and if applied correctly, can create a wearable, everyday look, with just a touch of drama. Did I mention that it also goes really well with contouring?
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Blink and you’ll miss it: All about false eyelashes! (Part 1)

Being a monolidded Asian with heavy, hooded eyelids, my love affair with false eyelashes started early. Somewhere in my teens, I think, in between the separation of the monobrow and the coloured contacts. Today I have about 8 pairs in rotation at any one time, depending on my mood, and I would just love to introduce you to this world of false eyelashes!
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5 Winter Beauty Favourites: Plum

It’s easy to fall into a rut with makeup. Often, I find something that works, and I just keep going back to the same products over and over again, neglecting my ever-growing box of “makeup I’d like to try”. I usually go with gold and peach – all that warm Asian skin tone – and sometimes, stronger colours like Plum remind me of my goth teenage days, never to be repeated.

I burned all the photos for a reason!

I do, however, love a statement lip, and after trying out a couple of lippies in deep plum, I’m absolutely LOVING this everyday Maleficient look. Because villainesses need a little love too!
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How to make makeup last all day!

Image Source: Nicolee Camacho

Coming from a hot, humid country like Singapore, I’ve been through so many instances of racoon eyes where my makeup just doesn’t hold up to unladylike amounts of sweat and errands. So I’ve adapted and tweaked my makeup routine, so that today, I can get dunked in a pool of water, and my makeup will still stay on!

But really, don’t dunk me.

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Blend it out! Tips and tricks for blending your makeup like a pro

In the race to primp, preen and accentuate, the beauty industry have come up with such a variety of colours and pigments that can cover any look and skin type you can think of. But the real trick to applying makeup like a pro doesn’t always lie in what products you use, but also how you apply it.

So from years of trial and error (and there have been some pretty dark times. BURN THOSE PICTURES!) I bring you my top 5 ways to achieve that flawless airbrush blend, without forking out for an airbrush.

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The 1 Step Method To Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Let’s face it: cleaning your makeup brushes can be such a drag, which is probably why many of us across the world have pink and brown stained bristles sitting in disarray on our dresser.

Well no longer! I’ve figured out one single, simple and quick secret to cleaning my brushes, every single time I do my makeup.

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Sample of the Week: Appelles Apothecary Wheat Protein Shampoo

As someone with curly, coarse, combination hair – yes, you read it right: oily on the scalp and dry at the root – I get very particular about my choice of haircare products. It not only has to work on very difficult hair, but also needs to be at the right price point – I’ve to use quite a bit of product for the amount of hair that I have, which means all the money that I could be spending on food might literally get washed down the drain. Literally.

So how does an organic shampoo with wheat protein work on difficult hair? Is it any better than the drugstore brands?
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