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Coming from a hot, humid country like Singapore, I’ve been through so many instances of racoon eyes where my makeup just doesn’t hold up to unladylike amounts of sweat and errands. So I’ve adapted and tweaked my makeup routine, so that today, I can get dunked in a pool of water, and my makeup will still stay on!

But really, don’t dunk me.

So today present my top tips and tricks on how to make makeup last all day!

How to make makeup last all day! My makeup lasting through 8 hours and counting – that food isn’t going to eat itself!

Wet/Dry Approach

I find that this approach pretty much covers 85% of making makeup last. The dry sets the wet, and creates a look that just does not budge! For example, use a finishing powder to set liquid foundation, powdered eyeshadow is set by the eyeshadow primer…my favourite thing to do? Using powdered black eyeshadow to set liquid liner! And I use a LOT of liner. My favourite setting powder so far has been the Makeup Forever HD Finishing Powder – so silky soft, and sets so transparent!

Buy Waterproof Products

No no, not water resistant. WaterPROOF. There are some things like mascara and eyeliners that are particularly susceptible to smudging during the day, so it’s very important to get one that is formulated to stay on…even if you want to replicate those hot-babe-climbing-out-of-the-pool moves. I use my Rimmel 100% Waterproof Mascara as an outer coating to other volumising and lengthening mascaras that I own!

Prep Your Skin

Just like that wet/dry thing, a primer will smooth out the surface, and help your other makeup sit better on your face. Always start with clean, dry skin though – I find that my primer clumps in spots when my skin is particularly oily. I also found another brand new tip that I LOVE: using your setting spray as a base for everything else! My favourite primers are Benefit’s Porefessional and Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer, which both give a smooth finish that make me look like I have perfect skin!

Use pigmented colour

I find that well pigmented products also have finer particles, helping it to cling to your skin better and doesn’t cake and flake as easily! Kryolan and MAC, for example, makes colours that pack mean punch and are well worth the price tag, IMO. It also helps if you dab on the colour with your eyeshadow brush, rather than sweep it on!

Finish with a Setting Spray!

I swear by my setting spray. Yes, I know that it’s little more than glycerin and water, but I think that it’s really still all about that wet/dray approach. The spray adds just a bit of moisture to set the powders, and because it’s such a fine mist that evaporates quickly, it sets rather than smudges, helping your look stay put all day!

Do you have your favourite tips to making your makeup last all day? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments down below!

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