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    10 Steps To Your Very Own Korean Food Party!

    10 Steps to your very own Korean Food Party!

    So you love eating, and better yet, you love making your own food. But authentic ethnic foods can be really hard to get right, especially when they have a big culture of home cooking. Korean foods, for example, can often be intimidating to the people outside looking in – after all, how do you really know if a recipe you find is authentic? Well, it’s easier than you think to go from lost and confused, to your very own Korean food party! Just follow these 10 steps:

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    How to make makeup last all day!

    Image Source: Nicolee Camacho Coming from a hot, humid country like Singapore, I’ve been through so many instances of racoon eyes where my makeup just doesn’t hold up to unladylike amounts of sweat and…

  • An organised tea cupboard

    Not-so-secrets To An Organised Kitchen

    I like to think that I’m a neat person generally, but when it comes to my kitchen – home is where the food is! – I’m an absolute stickler for keeping things organised. And…

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    Queen Make-At-Home Gelato Kits, Part 1

    From left: Lemon and Chilli Sorbet, Chocolate Gelato with salted butterscotch sauce I absolutely LOVE receiving things in the mail, and this time it’s Queen Make-At-Home gelato kits!! Summer has rolled around in a…

  • Food For Thought


    As we all know, I have a thing for soft boiled eggs (oh Mappen how I love you!). But rather than making a trip into the city every time I want a soft boiled egg fix,…