Ahh, Netflix. Thousands of titles, and only so much time in the day. But I remember when we first got this cult favourite – we got the trial account, signed in…and then what? We had no idea what we wanted to watch, and we didn’t really know what they had to offer beyond a few big titles.

But know, I’m on top of it like the king of the mountain, and with a few small tips, you’ll also be well on your way to losing all your waking hours to the amazing abyss of Netflix auto play.

1. Rate those titles!

I get so lazy sometimes when the “what did you think?” rating question comes up, but it actually really helps Netflix learn your tastes and suggest things that you might like. I really don’t like the rating experience on the Apple TV, but the website makes it really easy for you to rate and add the suggestions straight onto your list!

2. Add things to your list

Speaking of the list, it’s also a way that Netflix learns your taste. They have suggested things before based on what I’ve saved to watch later – I once went on a complete 10 hour musical binge of everything that they had to offer – and it gets more accurate the more you add! Also, because you can’t be watching everything at the same time, the list helps keep track of where you’re at in your descent into the warm cocoon of your comforter.

3. Read the member reviews

I didn’t realise that this was a thing until I had finished my list (yes it happens once in awhile) and was clicking around looking to see if my favourite shows had new episodes out. Turns out, at the bottom of the actual listing on the website (click into the dedicated page), there are member reviews telling you if something is worth watching. No more random independent films (or commercially produced stuff) that isn’t worth your time watching! Wundeva.

4. Have a profile!

It’s very tempting to do all of your binge watching under the one profile, especially if it’s a family account, but really, it just means you get suggestions that might be more to your partner’s taste than yours. For example, Sam isn’t quite the musical fan, and so I watch them by myself. If we only kept the one account, then he would be inundated with musical suggestions left, right and centre, and that’s just not very fair to him. Having your own profile just makes it so much easier, and you can have as many profiles as you want!

5. Check the listings!

Every month, just to keep us on our toes, Netflix adds new titles, and takes away some old ones. And maybe you were planning to re-watch that TV show and never got around to it. Well, listings like this one will tell you what’s coming and what’s going, and gives you the last chance to watch stuff on Netflix before its gone. Even if it’s, uh, The Princess Diaries 2.

I feel ashamed. Very ashamed.

But NETFLIX DOESN’T JUDGE, so you just watch whatever you want. Now, where are those Disney titles I added?

What’s your favourite on Netflix so far? Do you have any other tips for getting the most out of your subscription? Let me know in the comments below!

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