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  • Sydney Food Blog Re view of Miyama, Sydney CBD

    Miyama, Sydney CBD

    I think the 28th of December might have just been the worst day of my life. In a dramatic, inconsequential way, of course. It all started with a trek out to Ultimo for burgers.…

  • Sydney Food Blog review of Doughnut Time, Sydney
    Best in Sydney Review

    Doughnut Time, Sydney 

    I remember my first visit to Australia: I had just discovered Krispy Kreme, and I was determined to try every flavour they had in the store. The result? An extra 10kgs in 10 days.…

  • Hawker Lane, Chatswood: Sydney Food Blog Review

    Hawker Lane, Chatswood 

    I don’t know if you spend much time in Chatswood, but it feels like Westfield has been in construction for the longest time. Well, it’s finally ready, and what used to be a set…

  • Sydney Food Blog Review of Love Dem Apples, Surry Hills

    Love Dem Apples, Surry Hills

    This candy apple business is just so new to me. I never ever had a toffee apple, and I wouldn’t know where to start! I mean, are all toffee apples created equal? Where in…

  • Sydney Food Blog Review of Chat Thai, Haymarket

    Chat Thai, Haymarket

    Ever had that feeling after a meal when you know what you ate, but you don’t know know. Don’t know the name of the dish, don’t know the price, and don’t know how to…

  • Sydney Food Blog Review of The Vic on the Park, Marrickville

    The Vic on the Park, Marrickville

    I never knew Marrickville was such a foodie’s paradise. From smokey meats and amazing Yeeros, to endless rows of Vietnamese restaurants, Marrickville is my new go-to suburb when I’m feeling like trying something new.…

  • Sydney Food Blog Review of Din Tai Fung, Chatswood

    Din Tai Fung, Chatswood

    Hello Chatswood, how you doin’? I swear, I turn my back for one second, and Chatswood suddenly becomes a massive foodie hub, with specialty gelato, dessert cafes, Michelin Star restaurant, and Chinese hotpot, just…

  • Sydney Food Blog Restaurant Review of La Puerta, Neutral Bay

    La Puerta, Neutral Bay

    Tell me something: when you walk into a restaurant, are you looking for something “authentic”? What’s does it mean, anyway? Can Steak and Chips at the pub be considered “authentic” to any cuisine? Those…

  • Sydney Food Blog Review of Harry's, Bondi.

    Instagram Eats: Harry’s, Bondi

    “Where shall we go to eat?” Such a small question, such huge responsibility. After all, what’s the criteria for picking a place where you exchange your hard-earned money for sustenance, and hopefully an experience…