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  • Spring Onion Korean Fried Chicken

    Stark Raving…Mad Fo’ Chicks, Eastwood

    I’m glad I live in a world where Korean Fried Chicken joints pop up like daisies in the summer. It means variety, choice, and a horizon filled with battered and fried juicy morsels. And…

  • Snow Cheese Chicken from Sparrow's Mill

    Sparrow’s Mill, Sydney CBD

    Somewhere, the stars aligned, and someone thought to themselves, “I will put cheese powder on fried chicken to create a Twisty KFC love child” And so the Snow Cheese Chicken was born.…

  • A bowl of assam laksa from Pappa Rich, in Chadstone
    Melbourne Review Travel

    Pappa Rich, Chadstone

    I may be a bit behind the curve here, but I finally caved into my cravings and visited Pappa Rich, for some childhood comforts, right in the busy Chadstone Shopping Mall, in Melbourne.…

  • A chicken breast is halved and flattened, and cheese sandwiched between the two pieces. The whole thing is then battered and deep fried, with cheese oozing out as soon as you bite into it.

    3Q Fried Chicken, George Street

    I was going to write an introduction for this post. Then I realised, FRIED CHICKEN DON’T NEED NO INTRODUCTION! So I will say: fried chicken with oozing melted cheese. Interested?…

  • Fried chicken, served with fresh lemon and Japanese mayonnaise.

    Biru Biru, Darlinghurst, Sydney

    I was introduced to Japanese food at a very young age. My parents appreciate the finer foods in life, and sashimi and tempura was considered quite the treat when I was little. We would…

  • Crispy fried chicken is covered in a korean chilli paste glaze and garnished with sesame seeds

    Korean Fried Chicken!

    Korean National Day is coming up on the 9th of September, and to celebrate, I thought that it would be great to share this recipe for Korean Fried Chicken! Crispy chicken is covered in…

  • Chilli cheese chicken from Arisun

    Korean Food Crawl, Haymarket

    After going on my first official food crawl, I have to admit that I’m hooked. There’s just something really exciting – to me anyway – about the prospect of eating a huge variety of…