Somewhere, the stars aligned, and someone thought to themselves, “I will put cheese powder on fried chicken to create a Twisty KFC love child”

And so the Snow Cheese Chicken was born.

Sparrow’s Mill is the CBD little sibling of the popular Red Pepper in Strathfield, which is dubbed by many as the best Korean Fried Chicken in Sydney. The tiny eatery in Liverpool Street seats no more than 25 people, and you can almost be guaranteed a line out the door as they don’t take reservations.

They still feature the same 12-variety KFC menu that Red Pepper does, including the famous Snow Cheese chicken. This cheese powder covered chicken is nice, but dry in the way that your mouth feels dry after eating one too many Cheezels. I actually much preferred the wasabi chicken, which featured a sweet, soy-based sauce that is lightly laced with wasabi. Enough for a delicious accent, but not enough to force-clear your sinuses.

But while the food maintained the standard of big brother Red Pepper, the service, unfortunately, does not. The waitstaff we interacted with barely understand English, causing us to constantly get bounced from staff member to staff member in a bid to find someone who could communicate with us, and on top of that, they seemed rather inflexible – we went at 3:45 in the afternoon, where the restaurant was nearly empty, and we weren’t allowed to sit in the more-comfy four seater tables because we were a party of two. I’m not quite sure what rush they were preparing for, but it didn’t happen by the time we left at 4:15, I’ll tell you that much.

Still, I don’t really know anyone who frequents an Asian eatery based on their service, so the fact that the food is consistent is actually quite impressive. But if service does bother you, then stick to Red Pepper: it’s barely a 15 minute train ride away.

Sparrow’s Mill
Shop 3 116-120 Liverpool St
Sydney, NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9264 7109
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat, 11am-12md, Sun, Closed

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