Restaurant Review by Insatiable Munchies of Tartine, in Mascot.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a sandwich fan at the best of times. Too much bread, too little filling…and there just have always been better options available growing up in Singapore.

But when close foodie friends insist that you HAVE to try the sandwiches at a new cafe owned by a chef with a fine dining background? You go. No questions asked.

Review of Tartine, Mascot - tartine soldiers, coddled eggsTartine soldiers, coddled eggs

At Tartine, it’s breakfast and lunch classics, with a twist. The humble sandwich gets the French treatment – Tartine, if you wanna get fancy – and the open faced construction means you get a better filling to bread ratio and here, owner Anthony creates interesting fillings like The French Onion.

Review of Tartine, Mascot - French Onion: shredded beef, crispy onion, gruyere, chives, sourdough $9.90French Onion: shredded beef, crispy onion, gruyere, chives, sourdough $9.90

Beef brisket is cooked sous vide, and covered in finely grated gruyere and crispy fried shallots, mimicking the comforting french onion soup. It’s a touch on the dry side, but the flavours are all accurately on point. Very impressive.

Review of Tartine, Mascot - The Chef JaffleThe Chef Jaffle – Leg ham, Bacon, Three layers of cheese, Coddled eggs, Sriracha, Barbecue Sauce

And if you prefer your sandwiches with two sides of bread, the humble jaffle gets a foodie makeover too! The oh-so-mandatory slices of white bread gets filled with sriracha, barbecue sauce, leg ham, bacon, 62C egg and three whopping layers of cheese. Ooey and gooey, Anthony takes the effort to cook the egg at 62C for an extra hour, to prevent premature ooze. Tee hee.

Review of Tartine, Mascot - Caramelised banana, cream, dolce de leche, crumble, $9.90Caramelised banana, cream, dolce de leche, crumble, $9.90

For those with a sweet tooth, they also do dessert-for-breakfast options like this Caramelised Banana Crumble with Dulce De Leche. And let’s not make pretend here – something that deliciously sweet and decadent is most definitely dessert, and I move that we should be allowed to eat dessert any damn time of
the day I want!

Just give me the dulce de leche and pass me a spoon.

Bur really. The food is incredibly affordable and more than delicious, and what’s more impressive is that there isn’t even a full kitchen on site. Anthony has a sous vide water bath, a grill, and an induction cooktop for things like the dulce de leche. That’s it! Which explains why the eggs are only done one way, but who needs eggs any other way when you can get them to a perfect 62C. Mmm onsen eggs.

The beautifully decorated interior is furnished with reclaimed furniture, refurbished by Anthony and his super handy wife, who has an amazing aesthetic. The ultimate vision is to have 5 or 6 tartines around Sydney, all with the differently themed interior!

More jaffles and amazing sandwiches, yes please! Mmm molten hot cheese lava jaffles.

This meal was independently paid for.
635 Gardeners Rd
Mascot, NSW 2020
Phone: 02 9700 9847

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