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Reuben and Moore, Sydney CBD

Reuben wagyu cheese burger ($14): Reuben and Moore, Sydney CBD. Sydney Food Blog Review

I remember when I first heard about New York’s Katz’s Deli and their towering beauties of Reubens. Thin slices of salt beef are layered like a puff pastry put together with brute force and New York grunt, and the whole sandwich (can you even call it that anymore?) stands proud, dripping with juices from all the meat and steam. And naturally, after that, I had to assuage the empty reuben shaped hole in my heart…perhaps Reuben and Moore can help me out?

The Order:

2 bite sliders (3 for $15)
Pork shoulder: pulled pork, smoked chilli, Apple and fennel coleslaw
Wagyu salt beef: chipotle mayo, sauerkraut, shaved pickles
Chicken and charred corn: pulled chicken, BBQ sauce, carrot and coriander coleslaw

Reuben wagyu cheese burger ($14)
Wagyu beef burger, Swiss cheese, pastrami, lettuce and chipotle mayo

The Food:

Okay, so this time we decided to get a bit, uh, creative. I’ve long decided that if the Reubens at Reuben and Moore were the “best Reubens in Sydney”, then maybe Reubens aren’t really my thing after all – I always find the bread is too hard, which throws the ratio off, and I just end up wanting the salt beef with no distractions. Which is usually what I get, sometimes with a bit of ham.

This time though, we were in a burger mood, with three wee sliders (for sharing, because calories don’t count when you share), and a Reuben Wagyu Cheese Burger, which just sounds like a sandwich and a burger had a love child. And I’m down with a good crossover, as long as it’s delicious.

2 bite sliders (3 for $15) : Reuben and Moore, Sydney CBD. Sydney Food Blog Review2 bite sliders (3 for $15)

The sliders were just the right size for a person with as short a food attention span as…hey there are dumplings over there! Filled to the brim with lush, juicy ingredients, every bite was full of flavour, even though in isolation, the elements were pretty average. The Wagyu Salt Beef was my favourite, but that could also be because I couldn’t actually tell the difference between the Chicken and the Pork because there was so much sweet sweet sauce. Blessing or a curse: that one’s up to you.

Reuben wagyu cheese burger ($14) : Reuben and Moore, Sydney CBD. Sydney Food Blog ReviewReuben wagyu cheese burger ($14)

It may just be my order, but the execution of the burgers just don’t seem to scale in quite the same way. The Reuben Wagyu Beef Burger was a bit lacklustre in the seasoning department – no mean feat considering that there was pastrami, cheese AND mayo in it. The bun ate a little stale to me, and it hinted at the Reuben themed burger it had the potential to be, but left you disappointed.

Much like my hopes and dreams for my life.

Food: 0.5/1

The Service:

The service here has always been pretty consistent, thank goodness. They are always polite and professional, and on the customer-facing end, incredibly efficient. Sure it’s a little impersonal – once in a while you get the feeling that they would rather be anywhere but there, though they’re never rude to your face – but hey, it’s not marketing itself to be a high flutin’ fine dining restaurant, right?

Service: 0.5/1

Value for money:

At $14 ish for a burger, I’m not sure that I would necessarily call this value for money. Size wise, I guess it’s okay, but when you have playas like Josh in the game, I’m not sure that charging that for a below average burger really makes the cut anymore.

Value for money: 0.5/1

The Vibe:

Reuben and Moore has always branded itself in-between the classy and the casual: i.e. not quite subway, but it still IS a sandwich joint. I wouldn’t blink twice at walking in with flip-flops and a singlet, but it’s not quite filled to the brim with after-school teenagers. A happy medium, even if it’s not bursting with vitality.

Vibe: 0.5/1

And finally,

I used to visit Reuben and Moore way more often when I worked in the area – I always ordered the Salt Beef Plate with Pickles – but since I work somewhere else now, I don’t quite see the need to make dedicated trip back for the food or experience. Give it a shot if you have a serious hankering for salt beef.

Otherwise, I’m sure there are other options out there too.

Bonus points: 0/1

This meal was independently paid for.
Reuben and Moore
Level 5, Westfield Pitt Street Mall
188 Pitt Street, CBD, Sydney, NSW
Phone: 02 8072 9777

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Miss Peaches, Newtown 

Red Beans and Rice with Smoked Andouille Sausage, $19, Miss Peaches, Newtown. Sydney Food Blog Review

Head Chef turnover is really tricky business. They are in charge of making sure that the menu is executed properly, and equally importantly that the restaurant makes money. It IS a business after all. So when I was invited to sample Miss Peaches new menu under the direction of new head chef Adam Cremone, I knew it could really go either way.

After all, customers can taste when the chefs change, and the direction the Head Chef takes can make or break a restaurant, no matter how successful it already is.

The Order:

Snacks and Sides

Cheesy Fries, $7
Mac ‘N’ Cheese, $8
Baked Brie, Rocket and Peach Salad, Toasted Cornbread, $16
Southern Fried Chicken, $4.5 per piece

Burgers and Southern Sandwiches

Fried Oyster and Smoked Duck Po’ Boy, $16


Red Beans and Rice with Smoked Andouille Sausage, $19
Fried Green Tomatoes with Shrimp, and a Dill and Caper Remoulade, $19


Beignets, $4.50

The Food:

I don’t know what mixed reviews Miss Peaches had before – purely anecdotal and I’d always wondered if there was a rivalry between Hartsyard and them – but I can say that I thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed the food at Miss Peaches. There was much cheese lovin’ in the form of the Mac ‘N’ Cheese, Cheese Fries and Baked Brie, and who doesn’t love cheese covered everything*?

Mac & Cheese, $8 Miss Peaches, Newtown. Sydney Food Blog Review

Cheesy Fries, $7, Miss Peaches, Newtown. Sydney Food Blog ReviewCheesy Fries, $7

Baked Brie, Rocket and Peach Salad, Toasted Cornbread, $16 Miss Peaches, Newtown. Sydney Food Blog ReviewBaked Brie, Rocket and Peach Salad, Toasted Cornbread, $16

The Cheese Fries were especially satisfying, since I’ve been missing (I will only say this once and will never say it again) KFC cheese fries ever since I left Singapore. I don’t understand, Australia. You are a LAND OF CHEESE. How is it that cheese fries aren’t more common? Of course, Miss Peaches’ version is way more classy and the cheese is less orange, but you can’t deny that there is something so fundamentally primal when potato and cheese come together.

And let no man put asunder…

Southern Fried Chicken, $4.5 per piece , Miss Peaches, Newtown. Sydney Food Blog ReviewSouthern Fried Chicken, $4.5 per piece

The Fried Chicken was also a baller order, especially when I didn’t even have to ask if the chicken was brined. No, the only question to ask was, “how long”. This succulent piece of poultry was the very bastion of why chicken should be brined, and with the gravy, it was just ridiculously awesome.

Red Beans and Rice with Smoked Andouille Sausage, $19, Miss Peaches, Newtown. Sydney Food Blog ReviewRed Beans and Rice with Smoked Andouille Sausage, $19

But the piece de resistance? The Red Beans and Rice with Smoked Andouille Sausage. If you think that it “sounds a little heavy”, well it is. It’s unapologetically starchy, heavy, meaty, smokey, satisfying and the portion is HUGE. This is probably the reason why salad eaters cop so much crap. There was something just so hedonistic about it all (I must be spending too much time in Bondi) that I squealed like a little girl inside when I dug into it. And when you consider that this is Chef Adam’s break time treat, you know you’re getting some good shiz right here.

Beignets, $4.50, Miss Peaches, Newtown. Sydney Food Blog ReviewBeignets, $4.50

Of course, not everything is a home run, and well, the Beignets weren’t quite on the same level for me. Maybe I’m not as much of a beignet person as I’d like to be, but there was something doughy about the way it was so tender that didn’t make my tastebuds sing. Not to say that it wasn’t a good beignet, though, because until I make the pilgrimage to New Orleans, I’m not sure that I can ever be sure.

Fried Oyster and Smoked Duck Po' Boy, $16 , Miss Peaches, Newtown. Sydney Food Blog Review Fried Oyster and Smoked Duck Po’ Boy, $16

Also, as far as Po’ boys go, this particular one wasn’t my favourite either. The elements – battered oyster, smoked duck, sauce and salad – were delicious on their own, but together? It was just a bit overwhelmed by the bread for me. It was a fantastic roll, mind you, but just not as a combo, I don’t think.

*No offence to the lactose-intolerant.

The Service:

I found that even though the service was relaxed, the staff were extremely attentive. We chose to sit outside, and our plates were cleared quickly, table wiped, and we weren’t abandoned in balcony never never land. And it wasn’t just our table. Even though people came in drips and drabs, the other groups on the balcony shared the similar treatment. Everyone looked happy to be there, and as a result, service was pretty seamless.

Value for money:

A quick glance at the menu will tell you that it’s not exactly the cheapest place around, but they really do make up for it with the portions. Each side can be eaten as a main, and each main can feed more than one person. You catch my drift? Your value goes up the more people you go with, because it ensures you get the variety for your dollar, rather than being trapped with your one huge choice if you went by yourself.

Although, that also means leftovers. And there ain’t nuthin’ wrong with that.

The Vibe:

Miss Peaches is just SO chill. But not in the antisocial sense of “Netflix and chill” (we’ve all been there) but in the “hang out with a group like they do on Friends” kinda chill. Everyone’s relaxes, and the Southern menu ensures that sooner or later, you WILL fall into a food coma and have to unbuckle your belt. I like that it’s a good mix of trendy and relaxed, and is definitely fitting in with the hip Newtown crowd.

Oh, and I know I just totally showed my age by using the word “hip”. But you know what I mean.

And finally,

I don’t know what Miss Peaches was like before, but I’m glad that this was my first experience. No baggage, only food. And well executed food at that. Working with a small team, Chef Adam is involved in every step of getting the food to you, meaning that you can trust that whatever they put in front of you is of a certain standard. I really enjoy the unabashed joy (read: cheese, because cheese is love) that goes into the food – they’re not pretending to be particularly classy or healthy or authentic. It’s just good food with a Southern theme. And yes, the food without cheese is delicious too.

It was also fantastic hanging out with Chef Adam. It really gave me insight to the man behind the menu, and when someone loves food as much as he does, you know he won’t steer you wrong. I’m definitely going back to try more of that menu…and for more cheese love.

Insatiable Munchies dined as guests of Miss Peaches.
Miss Peaches
201 Missenden Road
Newtown, NSW
Phone: 02 95577280

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Coffee Box Espresso, Darling Harbour

Prosciuto and Egg Sandwich, Coffee Box Espresso, Darling Harbour: Sydney Food Blog Review

With the onset of 38C days, I think it’s safe to say that summer is officially upon us. It sucks, but it’s true. And with all the sweat, tears, and general grumpiness that accompanies it, also comes the headaches, and you know what solves that?

Iced Coffee.

Many ‘serious’ coffee places seem too snooty to do an iced coffee – there’s a stigma that iced coffee is somehow not worth their time because it’s more coffee flavoured milk than a serious caffeine hit. Fair enough, but that leaves people like me in the middle of nowhere, because I’m an unabashed fan of iced coffee that’s forced to either settle for the bottled stuff or make it at home myself.

Well Coffee Box Espresso in Darling Harbour comes to the rescue! Made with a shot of real coffee and scoops of ice cream, they actually make one of the best iced coffees I’ve had in Sydney. Assuming you like iced coffees, of course. Blended and frosty, it was creamy, sweet, and, I can’t stress this enough, made with actual coffee. Caffeine and sugar hit, all at once!

It’s a twofer.

And if iced coffee is a little bit beneath you (no judgement here! *backs away with hands raised*), then a cold drip might be your thing instead. This week, the cold drip coffee came in the form of an Ethiopian Koke Yirgacheffe, with was sweeter and less acidic than most cold drips I’ve had. Very easy to drink, especially for a coffee beginner like me.

Food-wise, I think Coffee Box Espresso do pretty well for a tiny little kitchen that’s pretty much the size of a kiosk. Sandwiches are made daily on-site, and the pastries are baked by “mother dearest”.

I kid you not. The owner’s mother supplies the baked goods, which instantly raises my respect for the place.

Strawberry and Passionfruit Muffin, Coffee Box Espresso, Darling Harbour: Sydney Food Blog ReviewStrawberry and Passionfruit Muffin

We tried the Strawberry Passionfruit Muffin, which was covered with a very generous dusting of icing sugar.

Like the kind that will go up in puffs if you breathe too hard on it.

The muffin itself was tender and moist, and fell apart in the best way. Like a heroine in an old school romance movie. A little bit of tart, a little bit of sweet, and a whole lotta soft cakey crumble.

Well done, Mama.

And at the risk of eating dessert before the main – the sky is going to fall down on us! – we also tried the Prosciutto and Egg sandwich.

Prosciuto and Egg Sandwich, Coffee Box Espresso, Darling Harbour: Sydney Food Blog ReviewProsciuto and Egg Sandwich

Hard boiled eggs – but not too hard boiled! NO GREY RING OF DEATH!- are well, sandwiched between a crusty roll, together with strips of prosciutto, rocket and tomato relish. Very delicious mix of flavours, even though the bread was a bit, um, chewy for my taste. Which wasn’t too hard to fix – just take off the bottom and have it as a tartine!

My mama always said I was a problem solver.

The Coffee Box Espresso may only be a scant eight weeks old, but they seem to have their act together. The owner makes the coffee personally – for every customer, not just for me – and there was a sense of consistency and heart in the work. I’m glad to see a kiosk that tries for standard, rather than just ordering things in for profit and ease, and with the arrival of a new oven soon (so I’m told) it looks like it should go on that way.

Definitely stop by for a quick iced coffee if you’re in the area on a hot day – they aren’t reinventing the wheel here, but they sure do provide a smooth ride.

Insatiable Munchies dined as guests of Coffee Box.
Coffee Box Espresso
Level 2, Harbourside Shopping Centre
2-10 Darling Drive, Darling Harbour, NSW
Phone: N.A.

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Momo Brasserie, Sydney CBD

Momo's Wagyu Brioche, $20, Momo Brasserie: Sydney Food Blog ReviewMomo’s Wagyu Brioche

I’m not the kind of girl that needs her coffee in the morning to operate. In fact, I’m not the kind of girl to operate in the morning at all.

But that’s besides the point.

Cappuccino, Momo Brasserie: Sydney Food Blog ReviewCappuccino

Unlike so many sleep-deprived 20-somethings out there, the caffeine in coffee doesn’t actually have an effect on me, so I’m extra picky about how my coffee tastes. Di Bella Coffee blends and roasts their own coffee out of Queensland. From what I’ve tried at Momo Brasserie, it’s actually a pretty good cuppa. It was aromatic without being burnt and bitter, and unlike many of the coffee places I’ve been to, this didn’t require the cloak of milk and sugar to mask badly handled beans. Very slightly acidic and fruity, with lots of body without a burned aftertaste.

The food was a bit hit and miss for me. The Wagyu Brioche (pictured above), $20, was dry and somewhat uninspiring – not the two words you’d wanna hear in the same sentence as “wagyu” and “brioche”. It was saved entirely by the chips on the plate, though, with just the right amount of crispy to fluffy ratio, and a salty bite that keeps you going back for more.

The New York Pastrami, $19.50, makes all the WHO cancer warnings worthwhile. I love me some cancer meat. A heaping mountain of house-made pastrami lay atop toasted rye with pickles and mustard, and a refreshing slaw and cut through the brininess of the meat. A serving large enough for two, but only eaten by one.

Momo's New York Pastrami, $19.50, Momo Brasserie: Sydney Food Blog ReviewMomo’s New York Pastrami, $19.50

It’s mine, ALL MINE Y’HEAR?!

So good coffee, and okay food. But what about the service? Well, the service was incredibly attentive – I pre-ordered because Sam was on a ticking lunch break, and they paid attention to when he arrived and made the coffee and food accordingly. Very meticulous, and very seamless. Definitely somewhere to go on a lunch break time pump, if only for the coffee and the service, just maybe avoid the burger and get anything with that house made pastrami in it.

Mmmmm. Delicious cancer meat.

Insatiable Munchies dined as guests of Di Bella Coffee.
Momo Brasserie
65 Elizabeth St
Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Phone: +61 2 9233 8838

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Sponsored Review: Soul Origin, Rhodes

Smoked Salmon Benedict, Soul Origin, Rhodes: Sydney Food Blog Review

What IS fast food, really? Is it any good that’s just fast? Or does it have to be a food that’s bad for you? For me, it’s always been more of the latter. It doesn’t matter how the Food Giants spin it, it’s always been bad for me, and I like it.

What can I say? I’m a sadist like that.

In the more recent times though (omg I feel so old!) there’s been a shift in the perception of fast food. No longer a shorthand for greasy artery-clogging food, it’s now more about light, healthy, and that eastern-suburb-coffee lifestyle. Well, like Soul Origin is offering up with its many kiosks popping up around Sydney.

I went to the newest one in Rhodes, greeted by the effervescent Loula, who’s the franchisee. Staff swarming around her, looking to her for direction..all classic signs of first-day-training for a brand new food outlet. We select a range of food – Sam happily has Soul Origin for breakfast, so it’ll be interesting to compare the consistency across outlets – and take our little brown bags away to unwrap our brunch.

Smoked Salmon Benedict, Soul Origin, Rhodes: Sydney Food Blog ReviewSmoked Salmon Benedict

On the breakfast front, we chose the Smoked Salmon Benedict and the Chorizo and egg wrap. The eggs in the Benedict are cooked all the way through – an unfortunate by-product of health and safety rules for pre-cooking eggs – and the bread is soft. I’m not a big fan of the hollandaise: if it can’t be made fresh, hollandaise can come off as a tepid, slightly tasteless cousin of mayonnaise. In these cases, I say, just use Mayo and call it something else, and your life will be much better for it. There was an adequate amount of smoked salmon though, which is much better than many takeaway breakfasts out there.

Chorizo and Egg Wrap, Soul Origin, Rhodes: Sydney Food Blog ReviewChorizo and Egg Wrap

The Chorizo and Egg wrap was a much MUCH better option, especially when eaten warm. The cheese melts around the salty chorizo, and the soft wrap just holds it all together. Sam says that the wrap isn’t as generous here as his usual order at Town Hall, but I still think that flavour-wise it’s very balanced, and a pleasure to eat.

Achiote Chicken Panini, Soul Origin, Rhodes: Sydney Food Blog ReviewGrilled Chicken Panini

The Grilled Chicken Panini is flavoured with an achiote paste: a Mexican marinade made with citrus, annato (also called achiote) paste, a touch of chilli, garlic and herbs. As far as a chicken sandwich goes, it’s pretty good, but not quite as good a filling to bread ratio as the wraps. Now if only you can just get the filling on its own…

Variety of Salads, Soul Origin, Rhodes: Sydney Food Blog Review

Oh wait, you can! Soul Origin serves up a selection of salads, with many of the ingredients overlapping with the wraps and paninis, in case you want the low carb option. The individual components – roasted veg, beans, beef, chicken – are made in a satellite kitchen off site, and delivered to outlets all over Sydney and assembled on the day.

We got to try a little bit of everything available, and the chicken schnitzel was actually a favourite, followed by the roast veg. Usually, cooked chicken breast doesn’t hold up so well in terms of texture, but they’ve done well with the schnitzel, keeping the crust crisp, around a thin layer of chicken.

At its core, Soul Origin doesn’t pretend to be anything fancier than it is: it’s providing an alternative to the fast food that we love to hate, and maybe give you something a little different for a weekday lunch. Does it have the most amazing sandwiches in Sydney? No, but it does pretty well in the takeaway category.

Oh, and one last thing: if you’re looking for a little afternoon pick-me-up that’s not your normal coffee, try a suggestion from Loula – a dirty chai is a shot of coffee in a chai latte, and it’s pretty darn good. Soul Origin already has a reputation for its coffee, and hopefully now, a little something different.

Insatiable Munchies dined as a sponsored guest of Soul Origin, Rhodes.
Soul Origin
Kiosk 5, Rhodes Waterside
1 Rider Boulevard
Rhodes NSW 2138
Phone: 02 8765 1162

Rawr! Monsters Rolls, Darlinghurst

Sydney Food Blog Review of Monsters Rolls, Darlinghurst

Some girls like clothes shopping together. Some girls like doing each others’ hair. And the rest of us…well we eat together. And that’s pretty much what Christine and I decided to do on a day off together – check out the brand new Monsters Rolls on Oxford St!

It also helps that there was the promise of $2 rolls.

Sydney Food Blog Review of Monsters Rolls, Darlinghurst: Beef RollBeef Roll

Sydney Food Blog Review of Monsters Rolls, Darlinghurst: Pork RollPork Roll

You can’t go wrong if it’s only going to cost $2 right?

Well, I don’t actually know what full price is going to be, but for $2, it was okay. Like in a maybe-if-I-was-in-the-area-and-didn’t-have-anything-planned sorta way. The bread was a touch underdone – which I don’t know whether was because it was designed that way, or because they had to just pump out so many rolls to keep up with the queue. The meat filling – we tried beef and pork – was quite flavourful, but was not quite able to balance out the lacklustre bread. A bit of a domino effect, but what can you do?

The salad and pickles weren’t quite as punchy as the Banh Mi that we are used to, and I was really looking for more tang in each mouthful. The Beef Roll provided slight amusement in tasting like a cheeseburger without the cheese, and much giggles ensued.

I’ve never patronised the Monsters Rolls Food Truck, but based on this first taste, it feels like they might have a bit of work to do, especially with Mr Crackles and Rolls Vietnam on the same street, providing stiff competition for the diners’ dollar. Maybe a re-visit in a few months is in order.

Unless something else comes up.

This meal was independently paid for.
Monsters Rolls
4/113-115 Oxford St
Darlinghurst, NSW 2010
Phone: 02 8354 1417

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A sandwich by any other name: Tartine, Mascot

Restaurant Review by Insatiable Munchies of Tartine, in Mascot.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a sandwich fan at the best of times. Too much bread, too little filling…and there just have always been better options available growing up in Singapore.

But when close foodie friends insist that you HAVE to try the sandwiches at a new cafe owned by a chef with a fine dining background? You go. No questions asked.

Review of Tartine, Mascot - tartine soldiers, coddled eggsTartine soldiers, coddled eggs

At Tartine, it’s breakfast and lunch classics, with a twist. The humble sandwich gets the French treatment – Tartine, if you wanna get fancy – and the open faced construction means you get a better filling to bread ratio and here, owner Anthony creates interesting fillings like The French Onion.

Review of Tartine, Mascot - French Onion: shredded beef, crispy onion, gruyere, chives, sourdough $9.90French Onion: shredded beef, crispy onion, gruyere, chives, sourdough $9.90

Beef brisket is cooked sous vide, and covered in finely grated gruyere and crispy fried shallots, mimicking the comforting french onion soup. It’s a touch on the dry side, but the flavours are all accurately on point. Very impressive.

Review of Tartine, Mascot - The Chef JaffleThe Chef Jaffle – Leg ham, Bacon, Three layers of cheese, Coddled eggs, Sriracha, Barbecue Sauce

And if you prefer your sandwiches with two sides of bread, the humble jaffle gets a foodie makeover too! The oh-so-mandatory slices of white bread gets filled with sriracha, barbecue sauce, leg ham, bacon, 62C egg and three whopping layers of cheese. Ooey and gooey, Anthony takes the effort to cook the egg at 62C for an extra hour, to prevent premature ooze. Tee hee.

Review of Tartine, Mascot - Caramelised banana, cream, dolce de leche, crumble, $9.90Caramelised banana, cream, dolce de leche, crumble, $9.90

For those with a sweet tooth, they also do dessert-for-breakfast options like this Caramelised Banana Crumble with Dulce De Leche. And let’s not make pretend here – something that deliciously sweet and decadent is most definitely dessert, and I move that we should be allowed to eat dessert any damn time of
the day I want!

Just give me the dulce de leche and pass me a spoon.

Bur really. The food is incredibly affordable and more than delicious, and what’s more impressive is that there isn’t even a full kitchen on site. Anthony has a sous vide water bath, a grill, and an induction cooktop for things like the dulce de leche. That’s it! Which explains why the eggs are only done one way, but who needs eggs any other way when you can get them to a perfect 62C. Mmm onsen eggs.

The beautifully decorated interior is furnished with reclaimed furniture, refurbished by Anthony and his super handy wife, who has an amazing aesthetic. The ultimate vision is to have 5 or 6 tartines around Sydney, all with the differently themed interior!

More jaffles and amazing sandwiches, yes please! Mmm molten hot cheese lava jaffles.

This meal was independently paid for.
635 Gardeners Rd
Mascot, NSW 2020
Phone: 02 9700 9847

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Narnie-a: Three Williams, Redfern

Review of Three Williams, in Surry Hills

As a kid, I’ve never been big on sandwiches. Not even really today. It’s always been too dry, too plain, too…meh. And everytime I keep trying, I always find myself pulling it apart and having just the filling on its own.

Well unless it’s a darn special sarnie. A Narnie, perhaps?

Grain Fed Beef Brisket Narnie, House Made Slaw, Gherkins, Chipotle Mayo, $15

First of all, I absolutely loved the filling to bread ratio. Most times, theres always too much bread, but here, there was a flavour explosion of meat, pickles and sauce, stoically head together by the robust Naan bread, as opposed to the more frail, hole-y white varieties. The meat was a touch drier than I would’ve liked it to be, but I’m just nitpicking, because the sauce more than made up for it.

And don’t even think about trying to take it apart with a fork and knife – owner Glen Bowditch admonished me (with good humour) the moment I even thought to try the ladylike approach.

Fantastic energy and team, and great menu. Definitely worth a revisit.

This meal was independently paid for.
Three Williams
613a Elizabeth St
Redfern, NSW 2016
Phone: 02 9698 1111

Three Williams on Urbanspoon

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City Lunches: Baker Bros, Sydney CBD

Heirloom Tomato Salad, $15Heirloom Tomato Salad, $15

Having mostly studied/worked near Haymarket, I’ve always been spoilt for choice when it comes to lunch options in the city. But Sam, working on the CBD side of things, isn’t quite so lucky.

Which is why long lunch queues can either be the bane of the short lunch break, or a shining beacon of a quality lunch spot that can be the new go-to.

Beef Brisket Sandwich, $13Beef Brisket Sandwich, $13

We ordered the Heirloom Tomato Salad, $15, and Beef Brisket Sandwich, $13, to eat in. The sandwich seemed to me like a sub-par reuben – I need me some cured beef! – but the salad was truly truly delightful. The small, multicoloured tomatoes were lightly dressed with sweet balsamic and fruit olive oil, with pops of savouriness provided by sea salt flakes. The creamy mozzarella ball soaked up the flavours nicely, and made for a fantastic tri-colour bite each time. $15 did seem a bit pricey, but hey, its the CBD.

The service was also cordial and efficient, though not particularly individual, but given how busy it was, I wasn’t expecting the moon.

Now to try that Friday night bar menu…

Baker Bros
Shop 1 56-58 York St
Sydney, NSW 2000

Baker Bros. on Urbanspoon

Test Kitchen: Squid Ink Bread and Shrimp Po’ Boy

Once in a while, I buy interesting ingredients that catch my eye without having any idea what I’m going to do with them. And this jar of squid ink that I’ve got in my cupboard is just one of them. So rather than doing the usual – squid ink pasta, although making seafood lasagna with black pasta sheets did cross my mind – I thought it might be cool to use the squid ink to make a strikingly black loaf of bread.
Read More