Sydney certainly has no lack of dumpling joints. From Din Tai Fung to New Shanghai to Taste of Shanghai, a craving for dumplings need never go unsatisfied.

So when a new dumpling place opens up. it certainly needs something to set itself apart.

Dainty Dumpling House in Rhodes has recently opened to a constant crowd, especially when compared to the other eateries that sit in the same strip. While the menu isn’t as extensive as some other Chinese restaurants, it definitely has an interesting enough range, with a couple of special items put in.

Like their signature 7-colour Xiao Long Bao, $9.80.

Clockwise from top: Original, squid ink, spinach, taro, chilli, carrot, beetroot (centre)
Clockwise from top: Original, squid ink, spinach, taro, chilli, carrot, beetroot (centre)

First of all, IT’S SO CUTE!!! I love the presentation, and it really shows how something so simple can really grab your attention. The coloured skins are filled with the traditional pork filling, with hot soup that spills out on the first bite.

As far as flavour goes, the dumplings are what you’d expect: a soft wrapper filled with a tasty pork filling and soup. The different coloured wrappers only provide a very subtle difference between the dumplings, but not enough to notice unless you’re actually looking for it. Great to order for the novelty, but not entirely worth the extra dollar (or three, over lunch) for the flavour.

The service can be a bit brusque – when we were there, the guy at the counter seemed bored out of his mind – and there is a $0.30 charge on all card transactions, and public holidays attract a $2.50 surcharge. Doesn’t exactly inspire me to travel back there for the food – especially there are so many other places popping up every day – but I wouldn’t mind dropping back in for a quick lunch if I’m in the area.

Dainty Dumpling House
0423 298 410
Shop 6/7 Rider Blvd
Rhodes, NSW 2138

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  1. missklicious April 21, 2014 at 2:30 am

    very cute! love the different colours, I’ve always been meaning to try the din tai fung version!

  2. Amy zhong April 22, 2014 at 12:33 am

    cute! ive seen these overseas but not here!

  3. Michael @ I'm Still Hungry April 23, 2014 at 10:53 am

    Excellent photos Tammi! These guys had a promotion awhile back where they’d give out unlimited dumplings for a year for a lucky winner.

    What I wouldn’t have given for that…

  4. Lawrence @ FightTheCraving April 24, 2014 at 3:33 pm

    Despite its cuteness, you can’t overlook the need for good service!

    Also flavour? Psht. Who needs that? We eat with our eyes anyway. (I’m just kidding, great photos)


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